Is Nvidia's 2080 TI a lot better than the 1080 TI

Saw this thing came out. Just curious if it’s that much better than the 1080 TI, which seemed to have been the go to card for a reasonable cost (vs the titan’s that seem to cost 2 or 3 or 4 grand)

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Apaprently it could only be as little as 20% gain on a 1080ti Hold your wallet until the benchmarks.


double the price of 1080ti with only a 20% gain? I’d wait until prices drop, unless you got deep pockets of course.

It’s going to be 25-35% faster than the 1080Ti. Which imo, is more than marginal.

Im of course not stating that off any specific benchmarks, as there are none, but more so from looking at clock speed/core count differences. Which have historically scaled fairly similarly across architectures. At least since the 700 series.

Also as per Techradar review:

They played Battlefield V and Metro: Exodus with Nvidia RTX turned on, and saw performance run in excess of 100 fps at 4K and Ultra settings.