Is it true? Is Sombra really being fixing

They fixed a few bugs with her on the PTR recently, but those appear to be minor fixes? OP is very vague so I don’t think we can tell if this recent patch is what they’re referencing.

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idk man 2 of them were pretty major and attributed to making her inconsistent (hack blocked by small objects and the recent ptr bug that didnt destroy her translocator if thrown off level)

Hack won’t be interrupted by thin onject is not what I call minor. It’s a huge problem of Sombra actually.


Took them long enough but Sombra still have more bugs that need to be fix


Anyone got a list? (2)

I can’t post a picture but you can see it on recent PTR patch note if you click on blizzard app.

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From the weird bugs happening to her on the PTR recently, they’re apparently messing with her code atleast.

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i thought it’s beacuse they use same technology on reaper and sym?

I wouldn’t trust it if I were you. She still has numerous other bugs that weren’t mentioned, and I don’t buy that they’ve fixed the LoS bugs until I see it with my own eyes.They claimed to have fixed her bugs many times before and most of the time they either lied, or caused more bugs to the character.

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 5, 2018:


Thank you, this puts a smile on my face.

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That still not enough, huge delay on ALL her abilites, and that crippling 2 second cooldown being shot ONLY SHE has out of all 27 characters. Plus the super weak smg (just 1 point of damage or 0.25% more crit, its all i ask)


you’re probably right but I tested it with 3 games now and it works fine at least in these games.
Though switching targets in the middle of hack and hack doesn’t go off after the sounds complete still happen.

And they actually add a new bug, too which is kinda funny if you watch worstsombra video.

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I think it has something to do with symmetras ultimate covering the entire freaking map. It probably “connects” to ground level of the map so sombra’s did too.

I still don’t think buffing her weapon and stealth is a good idea. She has a decent range of damage and ow is a pretty high speed game which indeed need some delay of her ability.

make her reload not get interrupted when she translocate and make her cancel her reload when hacking is fine.

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Wow, that’s great! I’m pretty happy for you hardcore Sombra players right now. I like to play her occasionally as well, so this is good news.

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Shes still the weakest of any damage dealers, even zenyatta’s primary is stronger.

The hack sometimes breaks even without any small objects within LoS. And it happens very often, although I suspect it has something to do with the servers, because it doesn’t happen to me as often as ti happens to Fitzy for example.

Yeah, I just clicked on it.

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The out of bounds thing is more on Sombra than Sym. Someone tried explaining it as related to Syms turrets going on to infinity, but every other projectile in the game like Orisa’s halt or Zens orbs already disappear when they reach the edge of the map.

The more recent one related to her healthpack being the wrong color implies something being done to her healthpack interactions.

That would imply that the object handle for the shield model is somewhere below the map instead of where Symmetra is pointing. The LoS check returns the XYZ coordinates under the crosshair, and the Y is defaulted to Zero.

If this was the case, they didn’t fix Sombra’s bug, they just returned the old code and fixed Symmetra’s bug.

Has anybody tried firing Orisa’s shield down there?

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I do happen as often as fitzy so I don’t know. I’m wondering why is this not be a thing until they change the los chack. Like why???