Is it safe to play Comp yet?

or should I wait an hour or two until have the patch was released? I’ve heard rumors of disconnects

If you close your BNet client, there shouldn’t be any issues.

But NO, it absolutely isn’t safe to play comp now. Matchmaking is a disaster and the player base is flooded with casuals that have no clue because of the event. I’d wait a couple weeks or play on an alt.

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i’m gonna go hide in the woods, I’ll check back here in three to five years, thanks bro

Ive found the opposite. Whenever I play comp during the pve event all the casuals are doing the pve event and you get plat level players in low gold since all the casuals are gone.

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Very interesting. I’ll see tonight on my alt. Last night was pretty bad, but that might have just been bad luck.

it is comp experiences will always vary

Well outside of possible bugs Torb rework dropped so hes either going to be super annoying to fight or people will be soft throwing not knowing how to use him.

There are increasing reports of players getting blocked when they are paired for a match. I am checking but no confirmation on anything.

As always penalties will still apply, so avoid Competitive for now:

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Thank you Sir. All jests aside, everyone appreciates this feedback.

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