Is it possible to hide your workshop code?

Probably not, but it would be nice to add. So that the author of the modification can share the code, but at the same time no one can copy and appropriate his work. Just so that when creating the mode code, you can set a setting that would not show workshope code for those who use it.

Well there is a tweak method of doing so right now, called obfuscation, check this out Compiler options · Zezombye/overpy Wiki · GitHub.

Not bad but much better if blizzard just follow and add setting for hide code

Of course, i think Blizzard is aware of that and might have something in its back to solve such matter. Lets see what happens in October, i strongly doubt there will be such feature for the workshop in the near upcoming beta iteration, let alone if there is any major update for workshop in OW2 Beta. For the developers workshop seems to have the lowest priority right now. So obfuscation is currently a good option to consider of using until then.

IF you crash a workshop lobby it will restart the lobby with the code that crashed it…
basically at the end of a game just start a forever loop of creating and destroying bots in the code
then remove all your code and never restart the lobby (manually)
then if you did it right the game should just say “the server closed due to excessive workshop script load”