Is Hammond a scientist or engineer?


Hammond’s an engineer. Because he solves problems.
Not problems like “What is beauty?”, because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy.
Hammond solves practical problems. For instance, “How am I going to stop some rampaging space gorillas from tearing me a structurally superfluous be-hind?”
The answer… is a mech.


Engineering is a branch of science, so he’s both.


Yeah its just people call winston a scientist. But they don’t call Torbjorn a scientist. Trying to figure out what title he has.


Which I’ve always thought was weird. What Winston does is closer to engineering than theoretical science.


In my friend’s engineering textbook scientest and engineer were defined as the following (I’m paraphrasing from memory by the way).

Scientest: Someone who accumulates new knowledge to make scientific discoveries or advancements.

Engineer: Someone who repurposes old or existing knowledge to solve problems.

Winston strikes me as both a scientest and an engineer. He is a scientest because he was born on a space station and large part of his character revolves around exploration and discovery, however he has been shown to be a good builder too.

Hammond seems more like an engineer to me than anything else because I haven’t seen any evidence that suggests he’s trying to contribute to an existing body of knowledge.

(Michael Chu) #9

He’s really more of a mechanic, but if you had to choose between those two, he’s more engineer than scientist.

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Michael chu, what species of hamster is hammy boy??


And people say we dont get lore…


People always underestimate the engineers…


He created an AI to talk for him from inside the ball. That’s much higher level than just a regular mechanic. I think a “mad inventor” would be a better description here.


Your intelligence doesn’t limit what you are and aren’t. And don’t you have to be “Mad” to be a “Mad inventor”?

Hammond was able to engineer an AI and working Death Mech from what was basically naught more than scraps. All while going undetected by the regulars of Junkertown.

So engineer makes sense.

That or some kind of expert thief.


I dont think he was totally undetected i think maybe that mechanic we see in the roadhog and junkrat comic found him and kept him as a pet but then realized how smart he was and kept his secret for him.
he had to get tools from somewhere. Also how would he transport his escape pod from the outback into junker town by himself he would need a transport truck or something and i dont see him reaching the pedals. something that a local mechanic would be able to provide.


I think he was being helped by that one mechanic shop in junkertown. I forgot the name of the owner. Also I am sure the junkers knew he was a hamster or at least a few higher ups knew like the queen. No way in heck they would let a robot that appears to be an omnic without a pilot dominate their arena and beat up people.


His name is Bruce! He was in the ALF with Roadhog back in the day


Thanks for clarifying. Yeah pretty sure him and bruce are friends to an extent. Man it would be cool if they made Bruce a new junker hero and had friendly conversations with hammy and hog. I mean the problem with junker queen becoming a hero is she already has her voice being used in junkertown. It would be weird having her talk to herself. But I would be fine with bruce sorta taking her place as a new junker hero. Maybe give him the scrap mechanic torb lost.


her voice lines were removed from junkertown


You make a good point…



I don’t think Hammond created the AI for his mech - he probably just bought and installed a premade one.


Is his mech really an IA tho? It looks much more like a translator for him to interact with the humans.

Wasn’t something like this said at Blizzcon last year during the voice actor panel?


Blizzard said it was a very simple ai, when they had to tell people it was not an omnic. Which still makes me think omnics are born from reversed engineered alien technology and is totally different from regular human made ai.