Is Bastion really that bad in competitive?

Yes… Bastion is unintuitive to play…

Especially without rewarding aim, positioning, nor literally having the upper hand.
(If you let a Bastion set up near you, it should be more dangerous, not less… as it currently is.)

In case you are wondering, i’m not ranting at or towards you… Please do not take it personally.

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Letting a Bastion set up near you is very dangerous if there’s someone else fighting you at the same time.
But there’s just too many heroes that have no trouble making a lone Bastion useless. Ana and Roadhog can both just press shift for an almost guaranteed kill of a flanking Bastion, and given how unlikely a solo Bastion flank is due running into anyone being almost certain death, it reminds me of this:

It’s just…

I just can’t even describe how bad it feels to play Bastion currently…
My BRAIN Hurts. :sob:

I’ve been here for literal years, talking about the hero… the balance…

And you know what?
I would rather play as a constantly junkrat-trapped Tracer, the size of a Roadhog.

Because guess what?
You would deal more reliable damage, with a smaller spread, and better hitbox.
The math backs that up btw.

Bastion deals a maximum of 450 dps, at point blank range…
(Reaper outclasses that btw)

Now factor in distance and bullets lost due to spread:
[Bastion's real damage output (kinda)]

Without being rewarded for hitting somebody in the head, Nor having the trained aim of a sniper.

I have mained Mccree and Widowmaker since the first day this game released…
And i would rather play them, than the hero i dedicated myself to… Since what i have learned through playing for so long can actually get things done playing as either of them.

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BTW Since this is impossible for me to ever Not do… Have you ever been to the Bastion megathreads?

We love finding new members, and the conversation is dying since everything has already been said

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Bastion has less spread and falloff than Reaper, and Reaper only does 280 base DPS at point blank. 560 for headshots.
The only time Reaper can do more damage than sentry is by shooting someone in the head at point blank, Reaper’s high spread will take perfectly aimed headshots down to sentry damage only a few metres away and at any distance past that sentry does far more damage.
And there’s no better shieldbuster in the game, unless the shield is extremely far away it’s 1.3 seconds for Winston, 2 seconds for Orisa, and 4.2 seconds for Reinhardt.
If a battle comes down to shields vs shields, a Bastion is an automatic win because the other team has only a few seconds before they’re getting hosed down with bullets.

Yea… But try to answer this.

What about fighting anything that isn’t a shield? :thinking:
Or maybe the enemies behind the shield.

You see… then you have an issue.

Oh, and also fight the two flankers behind you too… those are a thing no matter what.

Btw, here’s a link to the current megathread if you wish to stop by, maybe converse about this further with the only known group of Bastion mains:
[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (570+ Likes, 18,500+ Responses)]

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You don’t need Sentry on a cooldown to do that. Just remove/rework Ironclad so that isn’t always taking 20% less damage for no reason. It’s how he was balanced before, it’ll work now. It also helps with his pocketing problem because pocketing him will be less effective than it is now.

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Faster does not always mean better. If you have to expose yourself for those 2-4 (ish) seconds, then you run a much higher risk of dying than someone like Hanzo or Junkrat, who don’t put themselves in nearly as much danger to get pretty fast shield breaking.

Man you need to give up Sentry, otherwise he will always need to be babysited since he cant be too survival with the power sentry has.

Sentry is taking to much space that leaves impossible to balance him.

Just do the same has Torb, take power from Sentry just like they did with Turret

If you give up Sentry, then it’s not Bastion anymore. What if Mercy’s staff was on cooldown, and they just gave her a pistol between uses? That’s pretty much the same as taking away Sentry (Bastion’s primary gun). Without it, he just becomes a worse Soldier…

Also, they didn’t really take power away from Torb’s turret other than his ultimate. In fact, they kinda boosted it’s power by making it automatically level 2, and he doesn’t even have to babysit it to upgrade it.

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Which was a pretty big change, and they also took some of its HP.

They can do the same for Sentry, make it limited, make it better against barriers, revert the spread and headshot change.

But why make it limited? Sentry isn’t an ability, why would they limit it? Again, like putting Mercy’s staff on a cooldown…

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Im 100% sure is an ability

And I’m 103% sure it’s not. Go look at his abilities, zero of them say “Configuration: Sentry”

Reconfigure is an ability, Sentry is not

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Is basically the same mate, just like Genji having wallclimb and double jump in one passive.

Besides Mercy staff is a second weapon, just like Torbs hammer.

Sentry mode is a second weapon. That’s what I’m getting at. It’s his primary weapon, Recon’s gun is his secondary weapon.

If they want to “limit Sentry”, then just encourage Recon more. Right now, the player is pretty much discouraged from using Recon because of Ironclad. If they rework Ironclad into something besides a passive damage resist, and then give that to Recon mode as well, then people will use it a lot more because they don’t feel like they’re losing health to move around.


If it was a second weapon then it shouldnt require an ability to enter in it, and Hack wouldnt affect it

Having it on scroll would be very clunky


The problem is that they made Sentry into a situational tool without making the rest of his kit into something worth using outside of that situation. There’s no situation where a player may think “We could really use a Bastion outside of Sentry form.”

It’s like if Mei only had Ice Wall and an SMG like Bastion’s. Yeah there are moments where that wall can be really useful, but it’s rarely worth using up a character slot if they bring little else to the table.

bastion punishes stupid teams.
It is enough 1 shield tank to work around him and he becomes unstoppable when no one but 1 person has the brain to focus him.

countering him with another bastion usually doesn’t work because your team has already switched to non shield tank due to being melted (assuming anyone has picked one on the first place)

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