Is anyone else seeing a strange white screen when they refresh?


I don’t know of any way I could screencap it, but every time I’m sitting on the main screen for the general forums and then hit the refresh button, I’m seeing a flash of a white screen with a big black mass right in the center. It’s incredibly hard to analyze with how fast it is. Could this be a teaser of some sort? I’ve visited these forums for quite a while and have never seen this before.


when you do get a chance to see it, It’s a big black box, followed by blizzard logo, and then some other random logos. It’s been there for years. It’s not a teaser.


That’s strange. It’s only very recently started to pop up for me, and I’ve been refreshing pages on here for around a year. Odd.


I see this when refreshing



Yeah, that’s it. I was only able to see the top half of the first shape.