Is anyone else getting insta ques?


Like after 2 second i’ll instantly get a game. Even when I just que up i’ll get a game right awy


people complain about ping gets higher with patch, so you can 2+2


Lightning fast queue times. Part of me is like… Is this for role queue. And then the other part is… But it ain’t 2020. I have no clue what is going on.


Perhaps devs redesigned the queue math/logic to be faster, in prep for 2-2-2


Right like I don’t even have time to react. I accidentally qued up and was shocked that I was instantly put in a game


I did some games last night in diamond, it was giving the message that ques might take long, which was the first time ive ever seen it at that rank at that time. But then the ques were real fast, multiple times under 5 sec, did 8 games.


Hey RobotWizard did they copy that constraint solver thing you were talking about ?

Anyone experience with developing online games?


I think they built one themselves, building on top of one is usually that is how you make matchmakers.

I don’t think they have rebuilt the matchmaker.

maybe tweaked some weighting in it though.

It could be in testing how much shorter they can make the queue pre roleQ coming in.


Sounds like they solved the DPS queue problem, by making queues lightning fast.

5x longer queues on really short queue times, isn’t a problem.


I suspect that is what they are trying.


It is so much shorter that I am legit not even worried about role queue anymore. Blizzard just flexing on me.


What ya bet not only is the math/logic/architecture better, but it’s probably got a pricey server hardware upgrade.


I doubt that, matchmakers a not known for using a lot of processor to begin with.

I would guess maths / weighting tweak.

I am surprised they haven’t announced changes there.


Huh go figure. Either way, if it works great, good. It’s mostly a blackbox to me after that point.


Hey, I’m happy it is working well as well.

This could be all that is needed to remove one of the big problems.


Is it arcade? because then it’s likely that they disabled matchmaking again and it just throws the first 12 people it finds together.


Sounds like the ping stuff mentioned above, is that Level 3 is routing incorrectly.

Latency issues with Level 3 Communications ISP - 7/2

The backbone internet operator for a very large fraction of the US internet.

Makes me worried the queue speed change is just because they temporarily made the queue logic dumber.


Once queues became instant queues I started getting matched with people 400 sr below me way more L’s than normal so if they did anything in 4200+ elo, its mess things up .