Is AndyB coming back?

Is keeping us in the dark an expression of love or something? :thinking:

Uh, HR and Marketing directors just about earn this much. HR and marketing employees earn an average salary depending on the company, only those in charge earn this amount.

And why shouldn’t they?

AndyB is still here

I know he wouldn’t leave us

He’s too good for that

He’s probably busy crunching the ‘feedback’ we gave him from surprise patch.
That was not a fun time tbh.
I hope going forward you guys can communicate with us before dropping changes like that.

Awesome thanks Jodie!

I said this in a previous thread, however it bears repeating here: the majority of my focus for the last month and change has been on strategic planning and alignment (since before the holiday break). This is normal for management around the start of the calendar year.

WyomingMyst and Jodie both did a great job of describing many of the responsibilities of the community discipline. This is on top of several hours of meetings/day.

I don’t tend to lean on titles in public (I don’t think they matter to players in the vast majority of situations, which is why all of our titles on the forums are “Community Manager”). As the team lead, over time I’ll naturally be focusing less on the day to day tactics, and more on team/community goals and strategy. As the team grows, I’d expect to see less of me day to day, but much more of folks like Jodie (and our eventual teammates).

I’m certain that it may disappoint some of you that I do not, in fact, sit on the forums with solitaire open in another window all day. Although, let be real…if it was on brand it would be Hearthstone.


It would be cool to stream somekind of matches among overwatch devs.

While they can drop hints or even just blow steam off.

Team andy vs team Jody sounds a fun format😂

Can’t read this without having Weird Al’s “Mission Statement” playing in my head.


Jodie. I dont know why but alone your presence and activity has brought back a little hope. Glad to have you so active here. Just wanted to say this unrelated to any topic. :slight_smile:


Jodie the forums are full of “noise” idk how you can get anything useful from here. It is entertaining though. I hope you laugh as much as I do when reading the new “master plan” posts.

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Darn, there goes my career plan


So much transparency.

I’m a fan of it.

You spending less time on the forums as the team grows is a good thing for us as it means we get more from Blizzard even though we lose your personality.

Looking forward to the future!


we will see how long though. It just depends upon the EVIL Overlords at Microsoft.

I’ll still be around and reading forums/reddit/Twitch chat/Discord/etc… daily. It’s important as part of the team that I stay connected with your experience, all with the goal of being an effective advocate internally.

You’ll not be rid of me that easily


Be all like…


Because they’re worthless

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Have you watched Office Space?

Honestly, neither you nor Andy have let us down, I think people should be willing to trust you all more.

I’m pretty happy to see either of you in a post.

Community managers are not at the top of the information release food chain, they don’t get to decide when to release stuff.

I get you are all frustrated, but there isn’t much Jodie can do here.

Honestly, I think you should grab yourself a WyomingMyst at some point.

That song always makes me laugh. I’ve been though so many meetings which could just have had the people there leave, that video be played, and it would make more sense, and give even more information.

shakes head


Let me make sure I am very clear about this, if an opportunity is available for me to join Blizzard and I know I can make a difference, I will try to pursue it. I have applied for many positions in the past and I know I have the support of many of Blizzard’s current and past team members. However, it still comes down to making sure the best people fill their needed roles, and I want my experience to be fairly compared to others with relatable skills. I have no regrets not being presented with an opportunity to join Blizzard, instead, I often gain more insight and experience.

Right now, you may notice there is a Community Manager role position for Overwatch on Blizzard’s career page. For as tempted as I am to apply, I am lacking core experience for that role’s specific duties. The good news is that I am finding ways to build on that experience in the gaming industry as a whole, and I am actively looking for great positions where I can make the leap. Understand though, it may not be for Blizzard in the long run but that is okay because I have transformed my career path into one simple goal.

To use my skills to help make games a better place for everyone.

In the meantime, I greatly appreciate Jodie and Andy’s support in my efforts as a forum MVP, along with many of the others who I have worked with in the past. Just know that I don’t expect any shortcuts or favors, just the opportunity to learn and grow where I can. And when the time is right, I will be ready for a bigger challenge.


And what you wrote is WHY I would be happy to see you in that role. Roles are things people grow into, getting someone who has a desire, and obviously a real push into doing so is huge. The skill set can be learnt, and obviously you have a good deal of it.

I think you would be an asset for it, and honestly, throw in for the current role.

Yes, but as a person who sees you on the forums, doing the things you do here, I would feel happier if you went for the current position. You may not get it, but damn… look at the

post you just did.

It is clear, direct, and gives people the information they need, like pretty much every piece of communication I have ever seen from you.

I’m not in the hiring position (but I have been in the past for places), and I’d take someone like you in a heart beat.

Throw in for it, see how it goes. They will need all the comms help they can get right now (given Blizzards ability to do comms, they have always needed it - AndyB and Jodie are the exception to the rules of what I expect in comms from Blizzard - They are a serious breath of fresh air.)

Anyway, I think you have been a surrogate community manager for Blizzard for as long as I have seen you on the various forums. Don’t sell yourself short here.

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