Is AndyB coming back?

HR and Marketing Employees explaining why they totally deserve 60k-70k dollars a year.


It’s a cushy white collar job dude. I used to work in radio, I’ve written copy. It ain’t hard.

It’s fine. I’m not really trying to denigrate him, more power to anybody who gets money from Activision. But it’s hardly difficult work.


At least they seem to do more than other Activision Blizzard staff.
Such as NOT Harassing female employees.
Which apparently takes a lot of effort considering how hard it is there.


A community manager is responsible for the interaction of the company and team with the community. The forums, setup by the company for the players, should be an important part of what a community manager is involved in. The fact he is never here, never gives any news, does not manage anything visible to the general community, etc. implies that he is not doing a very good job as a COMMUNITY manager.


Does this mean community managers on this board are stakeholders for sprint reviews and sprint planning? For better or worse, this could explain a few things…

Y’all! Andy never left us!! :sweat_smile:

It probably feels like that since I have been trying to spend more time with y’all on the forums, but I promise he’s here!! :slight_smile:

To speak to the other subject in this post, it can be difficult to quantify what Community Management is because our goals are qualitative. Our pro strats are driven by sentiment, awareness, engagement and building a healthy ecosystem around a game we love!

Blizzard is special to me because of how involved the community team is in the development process. Team 4 puts a lot of value on my team because of how much they value the Overwatch community-- which is all of you.

I am going to let Andy know that you miss him, and I promise you will be seeing more of us both from now on. :blue_heart:


Sounds the same, at the end of the game content is what drives the community, Google seo and stuff are just fancy things esp for massive titles like overwatch.

No offense but we’ve seen similar promises before :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

We do appreciate you being active now


Fair! But this one is from ME. :smirk_cat:


Regardless of the corporate change, are there any OW related announcements coming in the next few weeks? Figure Lunar New Year is coming soon, at the very least. Some basic information would be appreciated.

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I need OW2 news.

We haven’t gotten anything In literally 4 months.

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You’ll know when they are allowed to say anything.


Is keeping us in the dark an expression of love or something? :thinking:

Uh, HR and Marketing directors just about earn this much. HR and marketing employees earn an average salary depending on the company, only those in charge earn this amount.

And why shouldn’t they?

AndyB is still here

I know he wouldn’t leave us

He’s too good for that

He’s probably busy crunching the ‘feedback’ we gave him from surprise patch.
That was not a fun time tbh.
I hope going forward you guys can communicate with us before dropping changes like that.

Awesome thanks Jodie!

I said this in a previous thread, however it bears repeating here: the majority of my focus for the last month and change has been on strategic planning and alignment (since before the holiday break). This is normal for management around the start of the calendar year.

WyomingMyst and Jodie both did a great job of describing many of the responsibilities of the community discipline. This is on top of several hours of meetings/day.

I don’t tend to lean on titles in public (I don’t think they matter to players in the vast majority of situations, which is why all of our titles on the forums are “Community Manager”). As the team lead, over time I’ll naturally be focusing less on the day to day tactics, and more on team/community goals and strategy. As the team grows, I’d expect to see less of me day to day, but much more of folks like Jodie (and our eventual teammates).

I’m certain that it may disappoint some of you that I do not, in fact, sit on the forums with solitaire open in another window all day. Although, let be real…if it was on brand it would be Hearthstone.


It would be cool to stream somekind of matches among overwatch devs.

While they can drop hints or even just blow steam off.

Team andy vs team Jody sounds a fun format😂

Can’t read this without having Weird Al’s “Mission Statement” playing in my head.