Invasion story bad guys

The story just needs a proper antagonist.

Ramattra exists you know. He’s like, the head of Null Sector


In the story section I like to have more contextualization. After all, we are in a FORUM, we are not here to make short tweets. :sweat_smile: Enemy faction? null sectors. Villain? Ramattra. But do we want to be more specific?:

  • Rio: Destroy the mothership that launches the Null Sector troops (therefore understand how this war machine is structured);
  • Toronto: Evacuating the area, investigating how the Null Sector is acting;
  • Sweden: Ask Torbjorn for help by stopping a Titan with Ironclad technology;

They’re not bad missions, taken individually in their narrative. The problem is that there are really too few after so much waiting for years. And even more annoying is an undated “coming soon” for the next PVE chapter. Of the three I would say that Rio is the most boring, because she was literally known for years, and she removed details instead of adding them from 2019 until today.

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too begin with pve needs to be an actual campaign with a story to tell, not the garbage we get

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Ramattra is the face of Null Sector’s Invasion right? Main Bad Guy that wants to cleanse the world and bring order to all Omnics.

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