Introducing Projectiles in Workshop

Greetings, Overwatch 2 Workshop creators!

With the launch of Season Four comes a variety of new Projectile tools to use in your custom games! Whether you want to give your heroes extra firepower, or add new dangerous obstacles to maps, you will be able to do so with these new scripts in the Workshop.

Creating Projectiles

You can now spawn projectiles as an action that can travel based on parameters you set, including direction, duration, speed, projectile size, and gravity. Projectiles can either damage, heal, or trigger other events you are able to script in your custom game. If you activate the Projectiles Extension, you can even select the appearance of projectiles from existing Overwatch 2 Hero abilities, such as Pharah’s rockets.

Creating Homing Projectiles

With a similar interface as regular projectiles, homing projectiles work by following a specified target configured by either a specific player or other value that you set, and can have a strength of how closely it tries to home in.

Creating Projectile Effects

Working alongside or independently with Projectiles, this action will re-create the effect, whether it be an explosion or other visual effects when triggered. Note the actual change in gameplay is still set in the projectile itself, not the effect.

Projectile Extensions

By default, the only projectile and projectile effect you will have access to is the basic orb. However, if you want to create new projectile effects, you can spend four extension points to add the entire assortment of projectiles belonging to Overwatch 2 heroes to the selection of projectiles you can create in the game.

We look forward to seeing many of the new custom games you create using these new Workshop tools and coming up with fun new ways to enjoy Overwatch 2. Enjoy!


Nice work, but i found an problem. We cannot track projectile IDs created using Create Projectile and Create Homing Projectile once many times we use both actions, projectiles stop spawning forever, even calling Destroy All Effects we still be unable to spawn any projectiles anymore.

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How many did you create? I made a script that fired projectiles when I was firing Bastion’s gun and I went through like 15 reloads without encountering any problems.

Many of them, i was using LMB to spawn multiple homing projectiles, and after some minutes spawning them, they just stopped

Last Created Entity works with “Create Projectile Effect” but not “Create Projectile”

Is this a bug or intended?

Is there a way to reference a created projectile to get its position and where it lands?

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Many per player instanced rule triggers or just for one specific hero/player? Cause in a test lobby with AI i could also spawn around 100 and more homing projectiles for a custom genji attack design within a for loop, the body block consists of the projectile spawning and a small waiting behaviour, the life time is set to at least 10 second though. And of course a contextual value that reference to a projectile to gain it’s current position, and 1 or 2 more event types like On Hit/On Projectile Hit would be amazing to have and work with too.

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Many for many players, i did an demon MEI, basically when her use his Cryo-Freeze, it spawn some homing projectiles above her head, that chase all enemies around her for amount of seconds.


nearbyPlayers = players within radius(player pos, 6);

for(i = 0; i < 6; i++) {
  create homing projectile(nearbyPlayers[i], ...);

And after execute many times the homing projectiles just don’t spawn anymore

That’s awesome! but it would be nice to have a way to handle the players that were affected by the created projectiles… Maybe have like an event called ‘Projectile Affected Player’ with ‘Attacker’/‘Healer’ for the person who owns the projectile, ‘Victim’ for the affected player and ‘Event Projectile’ for the projectile that was used (which can be then compared to a projectile we previously stored in a value using ‘Last Created Entity’?)

It would allow us to do so many great things…

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Why is this topic not pinned anymore? Any updates for the workshop you can share @Craig?


There’s a supposed “Workshop creator mode” coming in season 5. They don’t gave us any details about what is this. I hope workshop receive a decent QOL update.

It’s probably just a slot in the Arcade for the most popular creator workshops to be featured.

It’d be nice to see something more, but I’m expecting very minimal effort at this point.

As for the Projectile Update - it’s very interesting.

I’m having mixed results with the projectiles but for the most part they are working. Some are disappearing faster than they are supposed to, projectiles don’t always have an explosion effect even when set and the surface hit detection seems generous given that standing next to a wall while using a projectile can cause your projectile to just seem like it hit an invisible wall in front of you.

I look forward to seeing more projectiles added into the game and seeing if the community has work arounds for some of these issues the new feature has.

Hi I need some help and I’ve tried for a while how do you make it so a projectile on impact gives a status any advice would be a huge help thanks

You cant track projectile impact, you can attempt to check Event Ability == Null but some other actions can set event ability to null (eg: Damage action). An alternative is set projectile damage too low (eg: a very low specific value) and compare Event Damage == your specific value

But the primary fire ignore this rules, and if you try to use this projectile as an ability, that dont gonna work, because the effects will happen in both.

Do you wanna replace primary fire? An work around is create an variable to store current ammo, then keeps spawning the projectiles at fixed rate:

rule 1:
// you can track when its get pressed but don't allow
// player press it. disallowing button, iirc you can manually
// trigger primary fire if needed later.
disallow button(primary fire)

rule 2:
  IsButtonHeld(EventPlayer, Button(Primary Fire))
  EventPlayer.ammo > 0
  Create Projectile(...)
  // this will make projectile spawn faster or slower, 
  // based on how much delay you set here.
 Wait(1 / tickRate)

  Loop If Condition Is True;

Some heroes you can use built-in ammo actions/conditions, but others can have some problems and don’t trigger the rules.

I want to make a custom projectile(an ability) that debuff enemies, but when i use the primary fire the same debuff happens, but in the rules i set it to just the custom projectile give the debuff. And other thing, your munitions rules are bugged?

ammo rules* sorry xD

Yeah some heroes cannot for unknown reason cannot update ammo count/max. They just buggy and dont set.

I dont speak english so well and my game is in portuguese… but thanks, great help.

Oh, i speak portuguese too xD