Internet via phone = high ping asian servers?

I recently moved and am forced to use my phone with 5G connection to play online. This is fine most of the time, but I’m getting latency issues while playing Overwatch. At first I thought this was expected, but then I noticed a pattern.

I tend to get pretty consistent Latency throughout a single game - either around 70 ms, 150 ms or 330 ms - but it will cycle between those latency levels from one game to another. I can play on 70ms just fine, 150 gets noticeable, and 330 is just incredibly frustrating to play. I also noticed that when I get over 300 ms I get a lot more players with either Japanese or Korean characters in their name. I suspected I was getting put in Asian servers, despite specifically picking the EU region, and sure enough, the ctrl+shift+n combo gives me server names like “tpe1” which is in Taiwan.

Specifically I am sharing my internet connection between my phone and my PC via USB and I have a (relatively) stable 5G connection. This works perfectly fine for most purposes. Is there something about using my 5G connection through my phone that trips up the server allocation algorithm ?

I’d really like this to be fixable because playing with 300+ ping, especially Tank or hit-scan characters, isn’t fun for me or my team mates. For a while I just left the game as fast as possible hoping my team gets a timely replacement, but now I’m getting a penalty for leaving too many games. I could just take the penalty and ignore it, knowing I’m doing what’s best for myself and my team mates, but honestly getting punished for avoiding hing ping servers really bummed me out.

The issue is likely being caused by most phone companies deprioritizing gaming traffic, since that’s not the top intended use for phone service and 5G. When the higher ping happens because of the deprioritization, the game may think you’re too far from the closest server, and places you elsewhere for better ping.

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