Instant spawn as specific character

Is there a way to make all players spawn immediately at the start of a round as a certain hero?

start forcing player to be hero(event player, hero(*whatever hero you want*))


start forcing player to be hero(all players(all teams), hero(*...*))

etc. …

unfortunately thats not what i mean… i meant forcing them out of the character selection screen as a specific character… basically so that the character selection screen never even shows up

You can skip the character selection screen by setting the matchtime to 0.

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what condition do i have to use to make this work? i just tried it using an ongoing global rule with the condition that all players have spawned but it still showed me the character selection screen and as soon as i picked a character the game ended…

I think is assembling heroes == true should work as condition.

You could also try is game in progress == false if the first one doesnt work.

yeah i figured it out… unfortunately i used skrimish as gamemode for the thing im programming right now and those commands dont work for skirmish because theres only 1 match timer and setting that to 0 ends the match… :confused: so i got A LOT of fixing to do…

In this case,

should do the trick. Because it will force spawn a player.

unfortunately it doesnt force a player to spawn… it only limits the selection of heroes in the hero selection screen if the player didnt already spawn before… so it doesnt work at the start of a round… i’ve been trying to make it work for hours now in an assault mode map and it just doesnt work and im slowly going mad

Have you tried the action “respawn”?

yes but that doesnt work either as the player cant "re"spawn if it never spawned before in that match in the first place… its very frustrating

I think that there is no way to achieve this in a skirmish match.

im trying it in assault mode right now and it doesnt work either anymore… i dont know how it worked for me the other day but i cant for the life of me make it work again…

Can you post the code?

i can give you the code to import it so you can see for yourself if you want… i know for a fact i managed to make it work the other day by using no more than 1 rule with 1 is assembling heroes == truecondition and a simple star forcing players to be hero(...) and a set match time == 0 action… i dont understand why it doesnt work anymore now.

Sometimes its just a missing wait() or similar.

i’ve tried it all over several hours today… as i said this is slowly making me mad because i cant figure out how to make it work anymore

I think a look into your code would be helpful, whether its the share code or a direct copy of the rules.

The import code is “B3HRX”

theres a bunch more stuff going on in that code… its just experiments though so dont pay attention to it only the first rule is about the character selection screen skipping…

I don’t think there’s any way to force a player to spawn before they select a hero. What you can do is completely remove the ability to select heroes by enabling respawning as random heroes and then forcing the players to be the heroes you want. But they will be unable to change heroes normally.

Example: WPCTE
This will instantly spawn all joining players as Ana.