Instant crash when opening overwatch - how to troubleshoot?

If I launch the game from Battle.Net the game will open to a black screen, then close after a moment. If I launch it from its exe nothing happens at all.

Does Overwatch store crash logs that might give me some insight as to what’s happening here?

FYI I’ve tried:

  • Verifying overwatch files
  • Reinstalling overwatch
  • Reinstalling Battle.Net
  • Manually deleting Battle.Net download cache
  • Uninstalling everything from Razer and manually deleting the remaining Razer files
  • Praying at my Jeff Kaplan shrine

None of this has had any affect on the launch process described above. I’m on Windows 10 64 Bit with an i9-9900K and RTX 2080 TI. So basically the same PC everyone else is using. This has only been happening for the last couple of weeks at the earliest, as I haven’t tried playing for the last couple of weeks.

Are you using Razer devices?

The Overwatch error logs can be tricky to read, and you may need to use the ticket system/employee assistance to figure those out.

However, your computer stores crash logs in three places. The first is the Windows Reliability History tool, which will show you errors happening around the time you open the client. The second is the Windows Event Viewer, which does the same thing with more detail in the system logs area of the app. And finally, a DxDiag report will show you any applications creating errors. If you’re stumped, add a DxDiag here and I’ll check it out for you.

Not the worst plan … :joy:

Thanks but it looks like I missed a couple Razer files even after running the uninstallers. Deleting those fixed the problem.

For the google surfers in the future, make sure you manually delete your Razer and RazerChroma folders in C:/Program Files/