Infinite avoid teammate slot please!

Please! I will happily wait for a game. There are so many awful players! They don’t group up! They don’t switch! They just die and throw and cuss and insult you! Why is everyone so toxic!?!?


As much as like everyone would want this, it would hurt the game more than help it because well even though that person that probably deserved to be avoided from throwing or being extremely toxic, you can avoid anyone performing poorly and making their queue times take 50x longer

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Just rotate them out

That’s why it was removed to begin with.

use it to avoid all the player base

If everyone was avoiding each other, then no one would find a game. This would cause a huge issue, plus the reason there are 2 slots is because

For one yea it increases queue times, and two it’ll force you to choose wisely when avoiding someone. I only avoid throwers. Toxic people can get a quick mute, and if you keep getting into a game with a one trick wait like 10 minutes and requeue, you wont get the same person. There are much simpler solutions that people forget about instead of wanting to avoid everyone.

Well now you gone and spoiled it. Comments like this are why they won’t give it to us.

Rotate? Seriously? I just got the same useless, toxic jerk from two days ago that I had to cycle off my list. Guess what. Same exact behavior and attitude, lost the match and back on my avoid player list.

It’s a feature that MUST be implemented, that NEEDS to be implemented. There are more than two horrible people out there, so the list needs to support that. I’m fine waiting for 10 minutes if that means I don’t get a soldier running ahead, by themselves yelling “I picked DPS first! [racial slurs]” and dying over and over like some suicidal moron.

I believe it should certainly be possible to have a lot more slots, provided the person who avoids that many people gets the increased wait times, and not the avoided.

If the player is yelling

Report that. its abusive chat.

it’s just a game why you have to be mad?

just unavoid someone after a few games so you can avoid more

I do report . . . and then I get stuck in a team with them at some point in the future. :frowning:

Nah, cycling avoided teammates really doesn’t work in my experience. I would love for Blizzard to fix this. I don’t see why increasing the size is such an issue? Who wouldn’t rather the match-making pool be of higher quality teammates/people?

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