In game reporting system failing to remove harassers

Hi all,

Just wanted to get some help in regards to the in report system failing to identify players who are blatantly harassing other players for calling them out for greifing, trolling and sabotaging other peoples gameplay, especially in Competitive.

For several weeks now I have logged in each day to play OW2, sometimes alone or with friends, just to be constantly spawn camped, chased across the map and griefed by these players, there’s 3 of them confirmed, all with 3-4 different accounts they cycle through to avoid me blocking them as team mates. I have reported them roughly 60+ times, the accounts never get banned, one of them admitted to getting muted for bad language while in one of my games but that’s the extent of it.

Now allow me to clarify the harassing part. They will spawn camp me, and only me for an entire game, even purposely throwing their own teams game just to keep me there.
They chase me until they can kill me if I do manage to escape the spawn trap and I do believe one them has wallhacks as they seem to know exactly where I am even outside of footstep range.

If by chance they still manage to get on my team after me juggling around which accounts they are playing on at the time, they proceed to scream profanities and hate speech from one end of the lobby to the other. They’ll go “afk” and sit in weird spots on the map just to throw the game, or they’ll use hero abilities to troll and grief me as im trying to play properly.

I will not add there names here, as that would be against the rules, but I would like an avenue to take to see if I can get any action taken against these players and have their accounts permanently removed and their IP’s banned, or any options I can take as this is getting to a point where they started going personal and chasing me around the game, blocking me from gaining ranks and actually playing the game. They’ve virtually ruined my rank and stats, but even worse they are ruining others gameplay as well by having this one personal vendetta against me.

Any help I can get with this issue and directly contacting customer support about this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you kindly,


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