In-Game Issue caused loss of 50SR

I was playing in a competitive ranked queue skirmish with; Mine#21432 Storm#24925 Removers#2399 in a group. We were just messing around in the skirmish having fun while waiting in the queue and we saw one person on the other team leave assuming they got into a ranked game, then a few moments later we all automatically left the skirmish (assumed to be joining a ranked game), and we all got a black screen for 3 seconds. After we were all on the main menu screen with no queue timer or joining game tab appearing. We then saw on the sidebar instead of “Play” we saw “Rejoin” but we were unable to click rejoin… and then we all got suspended for 10 minutes and we all lost around 50 SR. This happened at around 14:30pm BST on June 6th 2020.

If you can provide any additional information or support that would be great, we are hoping to be able to get our SR back considering this was not our faults. Thank you :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately, regardless of cause, Blizzard doesn’t restore SR. You can read more about their policy here:

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Same thing happened to me, I doubt they would do anything no matter what evidence you provide them, and they said they can’t really do anything about SR actually.

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