In case yall are wondering who to blame for the Zen nerf

This. People have guessed nerfs/buffs the devs will do before. It’s fun and all, but I don’t think they are copying anyone’s suggestions. You’re also not the only to suggest this change.

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Hey, we’re not radical Mercy mains. =P Most of us are probably just fine with Zen’s nerf and understand why it was done. I mean, there’s a thread right now complaining about Mercy getting nerfed (despite being inconsequential compared to Zen’s) and still none as far as I can tell complaining about Zen, at least not specifically.

I more meant it as evidence that it wasn’t plucked from the abyss like other changes have been. There is prior support for it.

What nerf?

I mean it makes sense, this nerf was already done once. Kinda funny to think that Discord is now half of what it started as. XD

Discord is going down to 25% and Orb damage is being buffed to compensate.

Also, I’ve long advocated for a Zen nerf. I dunno why people actually think he’s balanced. He’s literally been top tier since he got 200 HP.

Meme made by me


Discord down to 25%, Orbs up to 48hp. His personal damage is unchanged, but lower focus fire now.

You have a very high opinion of yourself.

Ah, and here I thought there were premade memes about Bendubz and zen nerfs :slight_smile:

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There’s good stuff in there.

No one cares…

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I’ve already seen people venting their frustration about the Zenyatta change. You can try and pretend you’re fellow mains are better, but when you’re sleeper OP since the launch of the game, its easy to say everything’s fine and for everyone to stop whining.

They literally did this before, they just did it again.

No idea what you’re talking about. I only see two threads mentioning Zen directly and they’re both in favor of the nerf/not against. Only one thread blaming the supports nerfs as a whole on OWL. Oh and two threads about Mercy’s state, one of which is about her recent nerfs. I’ll concede that Zen mains are as bad as the radical Mercy mains (which I specified to not generalize all Mercy mains) when we’re still getting tens of threads a day about the Discord nerf and that it makes him unplayable in half a year.

Strange, I see more support mains that don’t play Zen getting upset that any support is getting nerfed.

As a Zen main this is perfectly fine, and honestly overdue.


This means less damage against tanks… jay…

As soon as Zenyatta’s gets a fundamental change to how he is played, they’ll be complaining for well over a year. You think the Symmetra posts have stopped?

Lol at the Reddit Lucio buffs…“Speedboost my team? They’re too slow! wallrides off into the distance

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