*Important* OW2: About Phone Numbers

Honestly think they need to grand father people in, no reason why someone that’s played OW for 6 years under the same account shouldn’t be able to play.


…As much as I don’t have much a problem with SMS Verification PERSONALLY… I can sympathize with the unfortunate, especially as someone who’s been through… similar circumstances. It’s a pity that people end up boiling this down to “just ask a family member or get a job 4head”. Not only is it rude, but super dismissive. Some people really just don’t know what being at that low of a point is like. :confused:


Well, the interesting thing will happen with people with 6 alt accounts, that don’t want to get 6 phone lines.


Well said, I barely use my phone, so I have a tracfone that I spend $70 every 435 days to renew, why in the world would I spend $40 a month to play OW2.


hopefully blizzard addresses the issue of pre-paid phones. had no idea it was this bad


I said people with working mobile numbers - not people with phones. Also, I’ll just be quite honest. There is literally no reason to assume that a sizeable chunk of phone users can’t receive messages or calls because the whole point of a phone is to do the aforementioned.

You’re seriously telling me people who regularly play this game can’t receive messages on their mobile devices??? Like BBFR.


That’s weird because i have a post paid phone myself like Op but i cant register it either.

I don’t understand what is going on…


And when they get home from work, they should…stare at the wall?

Didn’t realize how many people were OK with game studios adding a “life priority check” into their games.

And most people can save enough to afford a $40 game, but they made this one F2P anyway.

You’re seriously telling me people who regularly play this game can’t afford $40 for a sequel? Why is this game F2P again?


Than don´t engage, when you have no idea, what´s going on?


I am curious how many people this really affects.

In the first place a person will need to invest into hardware and internet to even play OW in the first place. One is already tied into an upfront cost that several people won’t be able to do anyway. Its a question of how many people lack another very common piece of technology today (general mobile phone access).

Pew Research has claimed that ~97% of USA which likely might be one of the larger markets for OW given the culture and everything and location. With ~85% of people having a smart phone. I’m curious who that relates to the rest of the world as well.


I’m a 30-year-old adult. I don’t own a cell phone. I have never needed a cell phone. This is an unneeded expense I choose to personally avoid. I have 700 something hours in Overwatch. I will not be buying a phone to play Overwatch 2. I will not be linking my account to someone else’s phone to play Overwatch 2. Is any of this the end of the world for Overwatch 2? No. It’s not going to affect the vast majority of players. Is this the end of the world for me? No. I’ll play something else. I’m just here to say that there are people that will be affected.


i had a general idea. either way im still in favor of a few people taking an L for OW2 to be playable. smurfing destroyed OW1 competitive.


I think it’s not only affecting those without phones, but those WITH phones too because some cant get SMS and I have a post paid phone and they won’t even let me put my number in as it says it’s not a “post paid” phone. If what i have isn’t post paid what is?


OW3 now requires proof of employment to play so they know you can buy microtransactions.


Those people won’t be able to get new accounts though even if they are grand fathered in. Even with a large number of 6, they will quickly not be able to use those accounts.


I’m curious how many people that really is since i’m not sure how too common it is or not. I’m quite interested in another avenues I never thought to try. My primary reason for having the sort of full service is emergency for the most part. A more mobile internet option I can take with me everywhere.

I’d probably ditch the internet service at home first while keeping the mobile option strictly because I might get stuck somewhere by accident.


Tbh, you’d think they could do something like a bank transfer verification.

Like for $0.01


True facts. Also bro 2022, who don’t have an phone? lol even in my country that EVERYTHING is extreme expenssive kids from 8yo have phones…


Having a phone is the easy part. But if you use anything prepaid or something like googlephone (google FI i think ?), you cannot register your number to play the game.


I mean, I’m generally in favour of this requirement for SMS verification but OP has a legit issue - their post-paid number is being rejected as a pre-paid number by whatever magic Blizzard is using to detect said numbers.

OP, it sounds like you should be logging a customer support case about this rather than posting on the forums.