*Important* OW2: About Phone Numbers

Cell phones are used for so much more than receiving SMS texts. Some people do not have valid phone numbers, and rather they use apps to communicate with their family and friends.

There is literally no reason to assume that a sizeable chunk of phone users can’t receive messages or calls

No, it is correct to assume. Have you not read the thread? People are saying that they cannot connect their phone with Blizzard because of not being able to receive SMS. It’s clearly more common than you think, especially in countries that aren’t the USA.


It’s not that they don’t have a phone. it’s that it’s pre paid so now people need to change their services to post paid which doesn’t work that easily.


Bruh no one is asking you to fork £40 for a sequel. My whole point is that y’all should have working phone numbers regardless of what online games you play?? Like, how is this difficult or controversial? :skull:

£8 a month here will get you unlimited calls and texts and this alone is all you’d need to function in today’s society. So again, this idea that people, especially those who play Overwatch, don’t have working phone numbers is just laughable.

The only outlier here are the ones with pre-paid sims and even then, a lot of those still work.


This is definitely a dumb rule as I know people who don’t even have a phone and exclusively message via tablet or pc with messaging apps but I understand why they’ve implemented this. There should definitely be an alternative though if you don’t have a phone.


Personally, I think Activison-Blizzard, being the giant money-making corporation it is, should find a solution to this that doesn’t inconvenience its players in anyway.


alternative should be to ship in a DNA sample.

identical twins would have to share an account so hopefully they’d have identical skill :rofl:


but we’re all bots. :grinning:


lmaoo I’m sure Blizzard would like that but idk maybe a picture of ID with important info blanked out would work?


Most apps to communicate require internet so these people, when in public, with their mobile devices, would be unable to contact any family or friends. Again, BFFR. I’d totally concede this point of the vast majority of people didn’t have working phone numbers that can receive SMS messages but that literally isn’t the case. At all.

2-3 people in a single thread is not a sample size I’ll be trusting any time soon. :skull:

Is your phone plan subsidized? That’s not realistic for the US.


I had a post paid phone. It’s currently busted and I don’t have the money to get it fixed or replaced. Guess I’m out of luck. Thanks Blizzard.


2-3 people in a single thread is not a sample size I’ll be trusting any time soon. :skull:

I just explained to you that the issues those 2-3 people in the thread have encountered is common for people in other countries! that’s a lot more than 2-3 people.


all of u guys who dont have phones with SMS functions are martyrs whose sacrifice i wont forget as I play a competitive game mode that hopefully has far less smurfs.


I bought overwatch 1 at full price for $60. So they are deleting what I bought and put 2,000 hours into, and replacing it with a product I can’t use anymore because I don’t use a traditional number. After the announcement for ow2 we’ve slowly gone from ow1 will keep going and still get the new heroes and maps to this slow motion train wreck. I have one, single account. They can log ip addresses and accounts to kill smurfs. Are children all expected to have real cell phones as well? What about our friends that don’t have the ability or means to do so? I’m livid with this company and I hope legal action is taken at the least by watchpoint pack players that bought this game and weren’t told about the requirement. How many people threw their money away because this company keeps hiding it’s plans until the last moment


Because things that cost money should never be a requirement. I don’t care if you can buy a phone for 50 cents, it’s an added cost that should not exist. You should not be able to call your game Free to Play if it isn’t. And a phone isn’t free, so neither is OW2.

Who cares about a sample size? It sucks for those players, it’s something they should not have to deal with. Especially legacy OW players who PAID for the game.


Didn’t the Devs at one point say smurfs are not an issue? Lol


This THIS THIS <20 characters>


they weren’t at the time since they bought accounts on PC. and blizz couldn’t care less about consolewatch. but now under the F2P model they’re acting like they have some sense of morality since getting ppl to be dedicated to their mains will likely generate more revenue.

Phone verification doesn’t even really help with smurfs. Instead of creating new account, they just throw with their main (Or just have a single alt account to smurf / throw on). You can see that happening on games with similar requirements.


My friend stoped Playin ow coze Chesters, smurfs etc when I told him about the whole phone veryfication he sayed “who cares I Can buy it few starters and have new account. If they rylly wanna provide smurfing and the whole ‘its just my alt so its not smurfing’ the phone numbers need to be from register phone operator or whatever the name is”
Its good coze provide all not wanted players behavior but also stop players who can’t join game coze they can’t have that kind of phone number.

Truely the meme is kinda backfire
“Do you guys not have phones?” - Wyatt Cheng