Imagine if Blizzard at least did a soft MMR reset with Role Queue

Initially, the game would’ve felt like there is a lot of smurfs in the game, but is that really that abnormal? Also, according to Blizzard, smurfing isn’t a big issue because the system makes them climb quickly, right?


Instead, they put all three roles at your mains level and took the easy way out. This wasn’t a huge issue, outside of seasonal placement times, because nobody had much incentive to play anything but what they mained.

Now, fast forward to priority pass – and instead of having people who climbed to where they should be with each role, we have people with way higher MMR than they should be with roles they have probably barely played at no fault of their own.

The result? We have people actually believing a system that encourages people to play and learn all roles in this game is BAD. What on earth? Isn’t that how it should’ve always been?


A system that rewards people for playing and learning all roles is good.

A ladder system that forces you to derank on off roles based on your mains rank is bad.

We can only hope it evens out eventually, but don’t throw out the Priority Pass concept until it settles because of Blizzard’s past mistakes on assigning people’s MMR to all roles based on their highest role.


Here are key statements from the development team about this subject:

Source: Old Overwatch Forum Archives

Source: Old Overwatch Forum Archives

Source: Reddit AMA - July 2020


This is not accurate, for several seasons prior to the introduction of role queue, they started to individual role-based states before separating the roles and that was the basis of a starting MMR for each role. For example, my support and tank roles started way below my damage role.

If players start playing the game in different roles they are not used to because they have not played them at all, those MMRs are going to be “unstable” and should see larger swings of SR gains and losses until the game becomes more assured of that role skill rating.


Then why were all of mine exactly the same? Also, how exactly would they determine this for people who only played one role prior to the introduction of role queue?

Also, even on popular streamers like Emongg – he’s said he doesn’t want to use priority queue because he feels bad playing DPS at 4500 MMR (I know that’s visible rank, not MMR – but you get the idea) when he’s a tank main.

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This is impossible for me to answer about your specific history, you would have to go back to like season 8 through 17 and start figuring out what your win/loss rates were for the heroes you played, then try average out to what the role win rates are.

Then he should drop in his Damage rating appropriately in the matches he did play Damage.

Well, you are honestly the first tell me otherwise – including the most popular OW streamers as I edited my post above.

Everything you quoted me was on smurfs, and I know that part was snarky (hence my :wink:) but did the OW dev team ever actually state they ever did any kind of reset? I honestly think you might be mistaken here based on everything else I’ve heard and my own personal experience.

That’s exactly my point – he didn’t play damage prior to role queue or after, so what is his damage ranking? The same as his tank – there’s no other way to adjust due to lack of data without a blanket reset that I can understand.

The only kind of reset I think ever happened was the start of season 1. Any one who participated in the beta season Competitive season did not carry over any ranking (which I would note the beta season played by VERY different rules than what we have today).

Not necessarily, it would more likely be around 2350 (which is the starting point for a fresh slate) plus wide swings in win and loss rate in the starting 50 matches (including placements). However this assumes he played absolutely nothing from other roles which I find highly unlikely.

Again, its going to be impossible to tell for any given person about their play history and explain why their MMR where it is without information that only the development team would have. In the end, I would point out two things…

  • You don’t have to use the Flex Queue or play all different roles. If you are the player who wants to stay strictly on a specific role, then you should.
  • I think too many are getting worked up about the perception of having players playing roles they are not familiar with. Yes there is going to be some uptick of players playing in matches they are not necessarily at the rank they belong at, but that is the natural function of a Elo ranking system, and any flexing should settle their MMR/SRs within a relatively short time.

All I can tell you is that he tried Flex Queue because everybody said he’d get tank anyway, and he got DPS against a Contenders scrim team with the same names he’d play on his T100 rank role queue.

I was very curious after your statements, so I did a little searching…

I guess, as per usual with MMR, the answer is never simple.

Honestly I think it’d be very healthy for the ranking system overal if placements after you’ve already placed once actually mattered.

From what I can tell you can only gain or lose a maximum of 200SR during placements when you’ve placed before, You could literally lose every single placement with terrible stats and it would not matter, same with the opposite.

During those placements, say you’ve lost 4 miserably in the 5th you will still be playing against the same SR of people…

Hell if you play during low population times you might literally play all 5 against the same bunch of people.

If B needs more data to make them matter make it 10 matches again to place, hell even 20.

Just make them matter or remove them all together.

Wyoming I seen xqc a tank player gets matched into the same 4500lobbies whenever he played as support and dps. He even acknowledged that the system is bad when role q initially launched. He begged the dev team to reset everyone’s off roles because he knows he isn’t a gm dps and support and it will take thousands of games being mismatched or thrown because of individuals getting placed in the same MMR as their main roles.

I for example am a 4.4support main and whenever i play dps I do absolutely terrible. Like real horrible. I would place myself into low diamond if I had the choice. But what does the matchmaker do? Place me into 4.4games with the same people I usually play with on my main role being support. I absolutely hate being placed into those lobbies since it kills any motivation for me to keep going. Fingers are getting pointed at me for throwing games because I’m off rolling. It’s terrible.

Another example from yeatle. He played on a 4.4 tank ball only smurf and he decided to do his dps placements and guess what. He gets placed 4.4. With 0 hours prior on any dps hero.

tldr reset everyone’s off roles. Keep everyone’s main role MMR the same unless they actually played those roles before a lot


Thanks, I knew I had witnessed similar stuff many times – thought I was going insane!

Then why all my roles started around the same? (my rank from before 222)
I was tank main, who played quite some support, who have aim that make me unable to hit STANDING STILL TARGETS CONSISTENTLY.
How any blizzard system could see that and say “oh yea, this guy, he deserve plat dps at start, he is decent at the role after all!”

It made me stop plaing dps after placements, because already in those i was feeling like this one guy team lose because or have to carry because he cant kill anything.

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It’s an inverse MMR reset what Blizzard did.
Seeding the other roles from main was practically the same as an MMR reset.
What they could have done if they were so afraid of it:
You choose one main role which will keep his MMR, every other role get’s an reset.

The system is beyond broken in the current system.

Tanks have the biggest impact on the game and is the least played role, being far off of your actual MMR is just a guaranteed loss