Hero pools is a brave and holistic change

That’s a fun idea. Could be a nice idea for a mini event or an arcade mode too. Ban more heroes than usual, maybe for a week there’s a mode with just dive-like characters, or maybe all barriers are gone for a week, or only barriers or projectiles etc. Obviously not for comp, but could be cool for like a short-time game mode.

If you ever need anything Brigitte related, I’d love to help. :heart:


Welp, not every day you can ask your question and propably not get answer in some sytuations :man_shrugging:

good question, I would also like to know.

lmao of COURSE the reply is to the one of the only posts praising them in a sea of people that HATE this change


Jeff hello! Sorry for questioning here, but can you please say something about smurfs on consoles? You know they can create unlimited accounts with one copy of the game. May be some changes specific for consoles?


By the way, are there any balance changes coming any time within the next week? Or is the next balance patch gonna be at the end of February with the eperimental card?

We literally just got some posts from Josh Noh some time ago and other devs post on reddit too…

That is literally what Jeff said hero pool is focusing on

Disrupting metas that the community is negative about

So every meta to even Overwatch

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Nah i mean a hero who’s using an alter ego aka hammond is wreckingball in game siebren is sigma and i guess yeah doomfist is akande not the kit :stuck_out_tongue:

You should add Comp Classic in the experimental mode :smiley:
If need be I would gladly sacrifice all my hours on Reinhardt and Genji to make this a thing

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regardless of if we do a different scoreboard for OW2, we definitely want to do more with stats and provide more statistics to players

Is there potential for a Combat log in the Replays on the Horizon?
Also maybe some API linkage so global and average stats can be tracked accurately with Overbuff and the like. It’s really useful to know what areas I might be lacking per hero at my skill level and compare winrates by map and hero combinations.

All this simp :eye: i smell cap

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Since Jeff is being kind with his time, I’ll throw my hat in the ring. Thanks for the good posts Jeff, the more the merrier! February is looking good.

However I do have a worry about hero pools. Are there any expectations of hero pools affecting queue times?

The tank roster is limited and relies heavily on synergies, a ban on 1 tank may actually result in multiple being practically removed from play. For instance, a Rein ban means Zarya is out as well. Tanks are very much tied to one another unlike the sup/damage roster.

That means the already limited tank choices get even smaller and smaller, and isn’t that going to push DPS queue times even further upwards?


Just an idea i’ve thought about. What if the players would be able to complete a survey about the current experiment card after playing one match there?


Who is the best overwatch waifu

we’ll still use the PTR for major patches and major changes. for example, if we were testing a new hero or map, that would be on the PTR and not in the Experimental Card.

the experimental card uses a different data set and was engineered by people far smarter than i am. it’s going to work and be magic and nothing could possibly go wrong… right? =]


this is a very hard problem to solve but we have some ideas. any solution is more long term, though. possibly OW2 or later. sorry i know that’s not the answer you wanted but it’s actually very complicated with the way consoles work and the rules regarding account creation.

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Jeff you are going to break the forums if you talk so much!


Buff the mess outta Mercy again

Everyone will tank if Mercy can just fly around rezzing like a quack head

totally not a mercy main :blush: