Im reporting every smurf until the issue gets fixed

But how you are totally sure is a smurf?

Not need to answer is a rhetorical question, you can’t.

Instead i can report you because there is no doubt you are breaking some rules.

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I think you just called having alt accounts smurfs, and thats a thing, having alt account is fine, having alt account ment to be in lower rank than you are, either by throwing yourself or done by soemone else, is not good and its reportable action.
Basicialy smurfs are those who abuse ranking system to get themself lower, and keep themself there by balaning stomps with throw games.
Or get to low rank by throwing, get back up, and sell account and buy new one i imagine what also break some rules.

True that is a problem, who is smurfing and who is not? Its hard to decide, but i also noticed, some people who actualy do it… are quite open about it or other things they done.
I meet so few smurfs either saying they bought the account from someone placed lower, or that they planning to sell it later if the rank up to much. Either of those is reportable and ban worthy, and let everyone know who they can safely report at least for people who maintain it to look closely at owner of account actions.

Back in my day, we had no idiotic elo system for shooters. Or any multiplayer game for that matter.
We had persistent servers with a server browser. And anyone, of any skill level, could join any server.
And guess what? It worked just fine. People of lesser skill would find ways to do their thing against higher skilled players.

You’re being spoiled with the MMR system as it is. I believe any kind of elo system actually holds players back more than it allows them to grow.
Why? Because if you only learn to play against people of your own elo, you don’t learn how to play against people of a higher elo. And so you never improve.

The “smurfs” are kinda dumb because they play against weaker players and so they don’t improve themselves. But in doing so they help those weaker players become better.

Well except for the whiners. They just babyrage cuz they’re bad.

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Jeff Kaplan himself has started that the development team does not view Smurfing as an issue and that the matchmaking will have them placed into their appropriate MMR based on their performances, perhaps you should take it as a compliment that they are either, on your skill level and are just slightly better and its a challenge for you to overcome, OR, you simply want an excuse to not learn the game properly, learn how to counter pick and need excuses as to why you can’t improve/win.

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yeah but honestly if smurfing became a bannable offense people would be less open about it and the issue would persist
a lot of these threads are just in effect, “i’ll report any semi-competent low level who manages to get a kill on me” which is a terrible environment for new players

  • Kaplan confirming that Smurfing isn’t an issue, however, boosting or throwing is.

Further elaboration on a reddit thread:

TLDR: Smurfing not an issue, MMR will have them in the place they belong in.
Boosting & Throwing is an issue that is discouraged.

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realistically even in those “unranked to GM” videos the players usually reach their own rank within half a day, which honestly isn’t that bad. i imagine a more stringent determinant for MMR would just end up placing lower ranked players who manage to have a few good games into much higher ranks where their win/loss ratio would suffer

at the end of the day i think they solve it to the best of their ability, and trying to make things like this bannable can lead to new players who just happen to be good getting banned for no reason

Your reports are most likely being ignored by the system at this point. So… have fun, I guess?

Smurfs are not always on the enemy team. You get your fair share of smurfs to help you win games, tbh you should try to see it as a learning experience, look at where they position themselves, if they are in comms try replicating their callouts in later games, etc.

Smurfs will always be in the game, you can’t get rid of them, so get used to it, and take advantage of it.

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I’ll translate what Xolarix is trying to say for you guys ahem “I’m a beta male”

I just want to leave this here since everyone misuses the term of smurfing since Jeffs statement.

I mean, that is a really crappy example considering that everybody already have one in their pockets.

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you realize how little a percentage of smurfs are gm players… most are bad players who make a new account to get placed higher or just diamond players who think they can s*** on plat and below players but actually just end up tilted most of the time. actual smurfs arent a thing until you hit mid diamond which i doubt most of the whiners here have ever hit.
Edit: if your complaining about an account thats below diamond is a smurf your just dead wrong and probably bad.

I know this may sound strange, but some people are playing games to have fun. They have like an hour daily to play Overwatch after a job and they dont look for a challenge or to climb a ladder in comp but just to relax, have fun in qp. And smurfs is why this isnt possible. And this isnt fair because we all paid equal amount of money and we all have equal right to enjoy a game we bought, but again, we cant. Thats the problem. Now we just have to came up with a solution


Wich languages do you talk? :slight_smile:

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Something that make a money income isn’t a issue for a dev?

Didn’t expected this anwer.

That isn’t possible. Even if it was, it is also false reporting.


Playing against Smurf’s (and being stomped by them) both discourages and devalues improvement and makes climbing all the more difficult.

Have you ever considered that, just maybe, some people actually want to have fun rather than improve? And Smurf’s prevent that?


Thing is, this is the majority of the playerbase. You abuse these people, they leave and your game dies, which is exaclty what is happening to OW

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