Im losing sr because of this bs

Whenever I try to play comp, then wait 30 DAMN MINUTES STRAIGHT, and the game starts it just says “entering game…” without letting me in at all and at this point i cant do anything other than restarting the game and losing my fuking sr and getting banned. this video explains it - YouTube

Please give me my 100sr back if possible, I want to get in gm before season end. Im on ps4 and my id is ov__h

Hey hey!

I’d recommend you keep the vulgar language out of the forums, it would be appreciated.

I’m sorry but Blizzard does not do SR refunding, you can read more about that right here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

I cannot confirm if this is a technical issue related to internet, but i still think it’s worth making a post in #technical-support regarding this issue to see if it can be troubleshooted.

This is happening to me right now man same thing and I can’t do a single thing about it I’m just watching the screen waiting for the game to end so that it would register as if i lost the game and not get banned for it

I figured it out just wait for the game to end and it will automatically say the server was clos for … and I didn’t get banned or lose SR

I have a similar problem quite often. I wait the 10 minute queue for a dps game, it says “entering game” at the top and then just… goes away without putting me in the game. However, it lets me queue again right away. For me it seems less serious as i do not get penalized for this and it is literally just a waste of a 10 minute queue.