I'm honestly coming round to the idea of hero bans

Map’s have strong meta’s onto themselves. Take Gibraltar. Ana would be auto-banned every time so she can’t enable dive. Then you can ban a dive tank, and ban a dps( but even Tracer has numerous substitutions, so dps bans don’t matter much).

2CP/Koth would see Sym banned every time if people figured out how to play her properly. She doesn’t have a substitution with her unique utility.

Hero bans would become frustrating, unless we had an insane hero pool like league. But the devs expressed a strong desire to have a limit to the hero pool. Which might be around 45-50 as OW2 will most likely bump the hero pool to at least 40 heroes on release.

I think it would be better to just have heroes with dramatic strengths and weaknesses that compete with each other in their category. Balance doesn’t have to be perfect; there can be an objectively superior pick that’s only marginally better; however, the playstyles of each hero would be unique enough that the player’s own tastes are the deciding factor.

In a nutshell, every hero should be capable of reaching top 500 even if everyone knows how to counter them. That would be more fun than relying on hero bans to yeet counters/OP heroes that you have issues with.


Doomfist, Junkrat, Hanzo and Widow would be banned in almost every game.


All the more reason to give her a rework :heart_eyes: sis would have a 0% pr

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Not if i ban the hero you wanted to play.


This failed horribly and really isn’t worth pursuing either

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My personal gripe with hero bans in Overwatch has always been the number of heroes (and then the number of heroes in each role).

I think bans would work better for DPS than they would support and tanks because those two roles have less heroes, but honestly I didn’t like the comp bans we tried way back when.

Counter-picks and teamwork is too important in Overwatch.


Simple solution: Only allow 1 support and tank to be banned, but make votes towards DPS weighted heavily. Or, even better, make hero bans based off of pick rate each period. Ban 1 tank, 1 support and the top 3 DPS

This is one of my biggest concerns of the game. There are characters which you can only counterpick and not counterplay.

For an experimental at least i would like to see a DPS hero ban system to see which heroes would be the most and least picked to be banned from the matches

So how would you fix that without gutting either hero just so you can theoretically fit it into your hero bans most people dont want.

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The week where most of the hitscans were banned was the most fun week I’ve ever had in Overwatch.


Does that mean DPS hero bans are a possibility? A lot of DPS can be super annoying to fight, so it would be nice not to have to worry about them for a match.

But at the end of the day 6 heroes are going to be banned per team, if both teams pick 6 different heroes then that’s 12 heroes who cannot be played which is a lot for a game that only has 32 heroes.

Or they could just wait until the hero roster is more even. Currently we’re at:

DPS: 17
Tank: 8
Support: 7

If they moved Sym to supp and Doom + Mei to tank, we’re looking at 14/10/8. Add in the new OW2 heroes and things will be a lot more even


That’d be cool too, but in the meantime, if they’re against role movements (which I think they are for OW1 at least), I hope DPS hero bans would not be completely off the table. I mean you said yourself you dislike doom, imagine if you didn’t have to worry about him for an entire game. Even if it’s just a single hero ban.

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Ever again*

I will make sure he is banned every single game :rofl:


Personally I’d probably be mean and pick one of the popular DPS xD
I just wonder how the enemy team would react if I banned someone like soldier or cassidy. Who would they play :thinking: It’d be a breeze of fresh air for sure.

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I’m talking about a blanket ban per some period, whether it be 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks based on data of the previous period. In this case if it were 2 weeks, we’d play 2 weeks of no bans, then from there you’d start banning the heroes most picked by the entirety of the community playing.

It’d also be a good way to see who keeps getting repeat picks if the same 6 DPS are chosen in a rotation each period

We don’t expressly need to ban any tanks, but considering that one hero outshines the support cast and a small portion of DPS overshadow the entirety of the roster, we kinda need something to bring life back to the game. It’s simply not enjoyable seeing ana for the 90th time in a row, while soldier/hanzo are picked every game on both sides without fail.

That’s already the case now…I simply switch and play something that does well against something like doom that I also enjoy playing….

Good idea, but overwatch needs more heroes (considering 6 heroes get banned at the minimum)

choosing between 5 supports isn’t exactly fun

Fair enough for doom I guess. But there’s a few DPS heroes who force me to play heroes I don’t like playing, and I’m sure that’s the same for many others. Not everyone enjoys the entire DPS role, after all.

Also a lot of DPS don’t have hard counters.