If you see a smurf, report them

There is literally no way to prove they are smurfs or just better at the game than you.

Its not a reportable offense. It will just backfire on you for false reporting.

That would be an alt, not a smurf.

Besides, a level 26 account in Masters is next to impossible.



The problem is bigger on console, i also report people for mouse and keyboard. so people are made in this way, they always need to destroy everything, even in a videogame, they are ruinning it with smurfs and m&k. that’s why i lost my account on console.

Playing outside of your rank on purpose by throwing games is a bannable offense. Sorry.

So, unless that player was throwing in your match, reporting them for being “too good” is false reporting.


Okay, okay, how about if they go on a new account every ~15 matches? Doesn’t cost money on console.

If there’s a rank 12 in my game teamed with a bunch of rank 400-500 players (or grouped with another higher ranked player) have some name like OnlyGenji or OnlyWidow etc and they’re playing with the same amount of skill as the rest of the team then they’re probably not a new player.

EULA allow three Blizzard accounts per player.

I don’t know if when you create a new console account you need to link that to Blizzard or not. If you do, then you report for breaking the multiple accounts rule, not for “smurfing”. If you don’t, then check with the console EULA what you can do.

Everything is legal about the multiple accounts on console. Literally nothing you can do about it. You can just delete accounts and make new ones.

If they’re paired, it’s boosting. That is often the case.

It’s also not false reporting if it shows that it’s a part of a pattern of behaviour that includes stomping and throwing. They won’t get banned from their behaviour in one match, so if they are just having a good game; they won’t amass enough reports and no particular pattern will show.

There’s no way to tell if someone is actually a smurf…but…that level 33 widowmaker that has the best aim you’ve ever seen and can do 60 degree flicks like nothing in a gold ranked match…

Is “slightly” suspect…

I suggest reporting gameplay sabotage such as smurfs who ruin matches with their unsportsmanlike conduct of forcing themselves upon lower ratings.

I suggest reporting boosters.

I suggest reporting those who do not play to win in competitive and this includes the guy who behaves in a negative way that would negatively affect his main if he didnt have his alt-account.

Smurfs are rampant and they constantly throw and grief up and down, exploiting the matchmaking algorithms in every way possible.
The smurfaccount that plays an insane widow from 2k to 3k SR?
Once he gets to 3k he starts intentionally playing nonsense and passively throwing games to go back to 2k and the cycle starts over.

Blizzard wants the community to decide which kind of gameplay-sabotage they consider disruptive.
There’s your vote.

There’s no reason for smurfaccounts to reduce matchquality for others.
Every rank whether that’s bronze or grandmaster, deserves its own fair matchquality.
Smurfs are gameplay sabotage.

If they’re a rank 12 at least they’re only in quickplay. That’s probably just a new account climbing to their proper MMR for the first time.

Alt accounts are not without problems but they are specifically allowed, and there’s not really a good alternate method for high rank players to pick up very difficult heroes like, well, Genji and Widow. The only alternative would be to have them start switching off at their proper high rank, which is going to be basically throwing games for a while.

are you kidding me bro? he’s moderately difficult. I’ve played him in mystery heroes and sure at first he’s not easy… but I wouldn’t say “very difficult”

That’s not smurphing.

A smurph account is someone who purposely keeps his account SR low. By day they purposely lose games to drop any gains they made. By night they grief the enemy team to get their jollies off.

A smurph is doubly evil.

The day version is evil because while you’re trying to win a game they don’t care — they’re trying to throw it. The best throws are those you don’t realize are being thrown. Their goal is simply to drop their SR rating.

The night smurf is evil in that he totally outclasses the skill of his opponent. It’s a Globe Trotter vs High School team match. He’s there to have fun at your expense.

What you’re doing is NOT smurphing. You simply have an alt account you use to play heroes your not good at. People do that all the time simply to keep their main account from dropping SR while they practice their crappy heroes on another account.

The existing SR system accounts for that and will rank up your secondary hero as you get better with it.

The downside to you here is that once you get good with that secondary hero the game’s going to put you against high SR players again. Should you try to do that again with another tertiary crappy hero you might be forced to buy third or fourth accounts or be accused of throwing games because you want to practice on an ALT.

What can you say. The SR model isn’t perfect. It’s good at what it does but wholefully sucks at where it’s blind.

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Also, lol good luck reporting all of the alternate accounts anyways. Most people got 10+ now anyways. Can’t stop the monster.

Yeah man, report me because I want to play my main character that was made completely garbage by the meta without tanking my rank or being mass avoided on my main account.

Yes I report obvious smurfs, the kind that used to be 4000 sr last season but dropped down to <500 somehow :confused: I’ve seen plenty of these types of accounts, It’s disgusting.

Having an alt is fine as long as you play on your skill level, smurfing is disgusting, you are ruining peoples experience who are worse than you but are trying their hardest, unlike you who throws to derank.

Honestly smurfing is worst type of offence in my opinion. Should lead to instant permanent ban.

I personally do that only if:

  • Its clearly obvious (level 30 Tracer doing teamkills or level 25 Widow doing only scoped headshots without any miss. From one season to another, the said account goes from 4000 to 1500, etc.)
  • If they admit it (Going in groups, telling it on match chat or even stream it on Twitch and sharing it in chat)