If you don't main Genji then the BP is worthless

Nothing but trash rewards as far as the eye can see. So many mid skins no one would ever equip. Worthless sprays and charms and emotes that no one wants.

Good job Blizz. You took away real progression systems like borders and levels that rewarded your entire playerbase and replaced it with this garbage.


Genji will be a high-demand hero for season 1. He deserves ALL of the cosmetic budget. Nerf other flankers; buff Genji.

If I’m honest, even the Genji skin is a bit of a let down… I kind of thought they were going the full customization mode where you could choose a specific colour for different parts (like decide you want the tatoos green,the body blue, and the pants black)… Turns out you just get to pick between 3 colour schemes. Like… would it really be that hard just to let people make their own colour schemes?


Overwatch isn’t Overwatch anymore. That is what happened. They could have turned this around, and made the F2P game great, but instead they made it a cash grab.

I 100% don’t play Genji but I’ll try to unlock it. Can’t wait for next months hero that I do not care about playing like a Wrecking Ball or w/e.

Mercy and D.Va are two of the most mained heroes in the game, both are objectively very good skins and the community has been loudly drooling over them. Kiriko is going to be the star of season 1 and also likely highly popular in long run, also a good skin.

There’s plenty of things to fairly criticize but it’s flat out silly to pretend the skins aren’t desirable.

I kind of like the sakura blossom and synthwave cards. And Hanzo eating sushi. Those stood out to me a bit.