If you could cosplay an Overwatch character

Pretend you’re about to go to Blizzcon, and you have the choice to go in costume as any Overwatch hero. You wouldn’t have to make it yourself, the cosplay would be handed to you the day of the convention. It would have all the modifications it needs to be comfortable and easy to move around in.

Who would you go as?


I’m a bit self conscious, so no Tracer or Widow.

…Probably Mercy, in all honesty. Her Combat Medic skin, to be exact :slight_smile: Unfortunately it’s a cosplay that takes a lot of work.

I would be Doomfist


Winston would be cool, as would Genji and Pharah. Zen too

IF I could do it without getting werid stares and being made to feel bad id be dva.
Which is sad that I can’t because im a fat guy and I know how people feel about that sort of thing.

But id gladly settle for reinhardt

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I want to do D.Va’s mekka as cosplay. So there we go. The mekka in its carbon fiber colors. :slight_smile:

Remember, the costume is being made FOR you! That or it appears out of thin air by magic.

I’m with you on the Mercy choice, BTW. I cosplayed her (classic skin) last year at my local anime convention, but I made the mistake of making her wings out of the same material as her armor. They ended up being so heavy that the harness started suffocating me after a few hours, so I had to take them off and be a wingless Mercy for the rest of the convention.

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Mercy. I already have her Blaster.

Bro you underestimate the positivity of convention culture.

Crossplayers (cross-gender cosplayers) get MASSIVE respect from the cosplay community for being so brave. And body type isn’t a factor either - in fact, that nets you even more Bravery Points.

I remember this one year where there was a big guy cosplaying Madoka (a magical girl in a short, frilly dress). He had a neatly trimmed beard and even went the extra mile and shaved his legs.

He was MASSIVELY POPULAR. Fellow con attendees flocked to him, complimenting his cosplay and asking if they could take a selfie with him.

Be fearless, my homie.


Self conscious. I don’t know why that made me laugh.


Do it anyway! I’ve seen tall bearded dudes with lots of tattoos cosplaying Sailor Moon.

It’s true ):

It’s questions like this that make me feel really under represented in OW lol. Despite it’s diversity kick there just isn’t an average guy on the roster. You got super big and tall like roadhog or Olympic athlete’s levels like Soldier.

Still it’s probably an easy costume, other than the guns but Reaper would be pretty cool. Cause dark edgy guys get the girls obviously at comic cons.

Probably Moira. I’d go for Hanzo but I don’t want to deal with the complaints of a white person cosplaying a non white character.
Edit: If it doesn’t have to be a hero, Junker Queen.

Jelly is a boy, so it would be awakward to go as Tracer or Widow.

I would go Soldier, he looks awesome😂

As in people will stare at you or you’re not built that way for them. Like, I know I’m not built for Junkrat or Hanzo, but I’m perfect for Soldier, Reaper and Genji.

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Mercy. I totally have the hips to pull it off, even if I don’t have the boobs for it.

Probably Soldier too. I’m mean, I’m built for him. Plus a 5’11 male Tracer is weird

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do what i did and gain 100 pounds

I acually would go as a genderbent Ana. She’s always had one of my favorite designs. I’d probobly go as her defult or Shrike.