If you are a newbie then play easy heroes

Okay, my mistake.

But you still haven’t accepted my apology though Chibi…

Or are you still mad about it?

Give me smth now…

I need not “Accept an apology” Simply because it would validate your weird idea that i was somehow offended by you.

I don’t need an apology, you don’t need to tell people what to play, end of story.

Move on, chad.

I read that in the voice of the narrator from SpongeBob. Just thought I’d let you know. Lol.



That alone, will do it. Even pizza in that show is “Dude”. Haha.

Fair enough.

Oh, im not. totally on the girls’ side here. I just wish we wouldnt argue like this.

I mean, i came here to talk about OW, man. I didnt ask for this. Lol.

I… You… What?!


Ironically as we have this conversation my boyfriend just walked by and called me a “slutty butter knife.”



Okay Chibi…

If you don’t want to talk to me anymore then fine…

Then please get off my thread :sweat_smile:

[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored]

20,000 posts^

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That’s getting harder and harder when all the easy heroes are getting nuked and the expert ones are getting buffed.

I started playing with SOmbra and Orisa, and then went to Lucio. 2 incredibly hard heroes, from level 1 onward.

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He is a wise man… That is all I can say. Definitely a keeper.

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Dang, go teach him to keep his chivalry now!

If I wanted a white knight, I’d bang one.



I’m not sure how a butter knife, can be slutty, but okay. Maybe, she’s giving butter to all the bread types? I don’t know lol.

Well, you know, im available wink wink

(Sorry, I’m just trying to diffuse the situation with humor. I know it’s not going well lol)


This thread is really entertaining.

Anyway, why not let players play whatever hero they find intresting? Hanzo was my sister’s first hero and 50+ hours later she’s better and I don’t known… I’m not going to take her choice of hero from her because “it frustrates me”

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when I was new I played dva and hit plat during my 1st season.

You really live up to your name.

I’m proud, my son.

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Lol, the drama’s over now… surprisingly…

Well, why not teach her to play simpler heroes to help her get better at the game instead?

Remember, unless you two are the only ones playing the game, the other 4 people might be pulling their hairs out… lol

The tangible hypocrisy of this post can be cut with a spoon.

I lol’d.


Nah but seriously I’m not angry or anything, I just figured I’d take the opportunity to educate.

Although they were things I already knew from before…

It was really good to be reminded of it that there are sensitive people out there!