If this Sym is truly what's coming

Up to 195dps without having to aim for the head; cant get a kill. Okay.


but… she can deploy a teleporter in 25 meter radius she can literally hop from one point of the map to other. She’s not bothered by verticality nor anything

No she isn’t… Her only decent parts at close range is using her M1+turrets other then that a mediocre part of her is she doesn’t have to aim so players who don’t have good aim can concentrate on just dodging. But her DPS output really sad soldier 76 can pretty consistently do more damage over the course of 5 seconds at like 25 meters.

An ability that powerful - allowing you to teleport the entire team.
There is a 75% chance she is going to be rooted in place when summoning it.

So think about how likely she is going to survive if she had a 1s root to summon a teleporter just to escape 25m. To give you a better understanding how likely that is.

Currently she is rooted in place for 1s just to summon every sentry turret. A teleporter is far more powerful than any sentry turret.

No it won’t ,infact this gives her even more damage AND range, it’s just that she has to slightly aim it now instead of full autolock.

In other words ,get good.

What about the cast time, I’m sure she’ll have a cast time in teleporter like she already does

Every changes on Symmetra are fine… By my opinion.
And i’m a casual filthy symmetra player who does enjoy sneaky pick and some nasty strat.

Actually, everything in the showcased kit seems so potent that i think Symmetra will be nerfed after a week on the ptr because… Well… How’s to say, her kit will be able to shine not only in attack but also in defense.
Her whole kit is disruptive, she can waste her turrets in the backline, her tp in the backline, even her ult… And guess what? She will force the enemy team to focus what she want.

Her whole and new purpose won’t be the close range, but the new symmetra will be a mastermind who will control the teamfight from afar, without even bothering about being focused… Because of what?
Well, let’s take a look to her turrets.

We’ve already a guess on the amount of damage those turrets can push but also their damage. In live, if you put 3 turrets near a target, she’ll suffer from a loss of 75hp/s.
But, each turrets in the new iteration of symmetra will gain an increase of their damage. So, even if those turrets do 33 dps, it’s even enough sufficient to kill a target who’s running around Symmetra if it’s a flanker. In the case of a D.Va or Winston, it’s even better since they’re big target and can be aimed to quite easily.

Well… In fact, Symmetra will shine in close range if she’s already nested… But now, she’ll also bring chaos in the ennemy team without breaking a sweat.

So your self admitting that Sym is cqc goddess… S76 isn’t CQC

S76 about 60 dps
Sym 130…

No, there is no lock on

And ? it still has more range and damage ,god forbid symmetra mains having to aim for once…

I’m also a 100% certain it won’t require precise aim ,it’ll probably be like moira’s

IWell they specifically said the lock on is gone so no she will aim just like zarya, im not oppose to it but claiming her weapon is going to be like moira just so you can justify her weapon to be less skill is ignorant." Need to slightly aim my butt"

But lets not jump into conclusion yet shall we? Wait till it hit ptr so we can actually see how her gun works but my point is geoff said it himself that her autolock is removed.

I don’t think having a statement from the devs as evidence is ignorance ,it’s going to be exactly like moira’s where it’s a forgiving beam ,not like zarya where it needs precise aiming ,also I didn’t say autolock wasn’t getting removed (if you thought I did.)

Baguette Brigitte would like to have a word about that, while stealing Reapers voicelines and laughing like Junkrat. “DIE DIE DIE” Brig eat sym every time.

Anything that reduces auto-aim is fine by me

the way you put it when you say you are 100% certain that it wont have precise aim is saying that you are sure the soft auto-lock is still there like Moira, thick straight beam still needs aim and it will not soft lock and he did say the autolock is removed so i will go by that, Moira however does have soft lock.
thats what im pointing out.

some of us symm main is okay with it, i myself suggest that give her a laser beam as thin as laser pointer but has unlimited range. im more happy that finally the no aim no brain mentality of toxic against us will be gone yet here you are trying to say its a soft lock so yeah.

Moira doesn’t have a soft-lock ,that’s just the animation , she just has a huge beam hitbox. (unless that’s what you mean)

You realize that her weapon is the main reason she’s a troll hero?

That is an urban myth. Go to practice range, her beam is more forgiving than hit scan. You can hit thing while aiming outside of their body. It just doesn’t do as much damage as hitscan, an so feels slow, which in turn feels like it’s not hitting much, especially with a jumping/dancing target which does cause you to miss, making it even slower … meh, you get the idea.

The idea that you have a 1 pixel exact spot in which to aim with is just not true.

so i watch some videos on how her gun work so basically it is very thick as in big that when the edge of her invisible circle touch the hitbox the animation does this beam that goes at the center, so it gives an illusion of soft auto-lock.okay i get it now

but i dont think symmetra beam will work the same, her laser is visible from the start and has a solid beam color, if it was like how moira’s grasp works it will block your view. so thick beam as i imagined it are just a slight thicker version of zarya.
we still dont know yet but im hoping its a solid straight line, making it like Moira will defeat the purpose of her gun needing to aim because the majority of people( i once thought) thinks that moira has soft autolock.

im sorry if i came as rude in the beginning, i just wanted symm to be viable and i dont wanted to be branded no aim no brain by the community. because majority of OW players thinks aiming is everything.

ah Symmetra patron saint of one tricks and those with bad aim

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I said “more pixel perfect”
If you tried to play Mercy in Practice range you will know what I mean.
She can fire 1 foot away from a target dummy and still register as a hit.

Good examples.
Zaraya -

Mercy -