If the game crashes, why suspend me?

As the title says…

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Because you left a match. Please use the time to diagnose and repair what is causing your system to crash so you can prevent it in the future.


Many other games are capable of detecting whether a user closed the app, quit, or shut off their PC/console vs. a crash or lag out. But of course, Overwatch is the exception


They can’t tell if the program halts. The program can’t tell them because, well, it crashed.

Also you could force crashes by dynamically adjusting overclocking.

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Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

What games? All major games that I have seen including those like League of Legends and Counter-Strike do penalize for crashes and disconnections.


You can easily raise any exception you like from a crash anywhere in your code. And the crash handler can respond to this however you like.

I suppose some overclocking issues (only those that cause a full system crash or reboot) or a power cut could bypass this, but if I quickly relauch the game and rejoin then surely there is no problem? The game wouldn’t have even started before I was trying to rejoin.

Surely I don’t need to be suspended and the dps dont need to go start another crazy queue. Other games deal with this issue perfectly fine so I don’t understand this harsh treatment.

Cite with evidence, because this is not true.

Understand that even if it is technically possible to detect crashes, the penalty works to stop you from playing if you have a known issue. The general community does not want teammates who are going to crash and leave their team at a disadvantage. Any player who deliberately attempts to play a high-stakes game mode like Competitive where they have a known history of crashing or disconnecting is just as bad as a person who leaves the game deliberately. Of course, this is why the starting penalty for a first-time leaver offense is relatively small at only a 10 minute suspension.


On a PC you have complete control over what happens. What’s to stop me from making a program that would cause OW to crash out thus not cause me to lose SR from leaving the match?

Wouldnt it be fair to have a small grace period? For example rejoining the game before the spawn doors open?

The game shuts down at the start of a match when there is a leaver for the benefit of the 11 remaining players. This is to ensure a team is not automatically at a disadvantage when the game begins. You technically can rejoin before the intitial hero selection screen expires, but once the map loads, the game cancels if a player is absent. If you disconnect or crash any time after the first minute of match time, the match does not cancel and you have a 2-minute window to reconnect to the match without penalty (you can rejoin after those 2 minutes, but will be penalized regardless).

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Wow ok so that’s actually not as bad as I thought.

If it happens again and you manage to get back within the 2 minutes, can you still carry on normally and win sr as normal? Or do you mean you just wont get penalised if you win, and your sr stays the same?

Yes, if you return within the 2-minute window your SR gain or loss (based on match result) will be relatively normal. However I would note leaving causes your in-match stats from before to be discarded so it can affect performance based metrics (Platinum and lower ranks only) negatively.

Not worth as it is easy to provoke a crash to abuse it if they make exceptions for crashes. So if they implement this they will have to remove it pretty soon afterwards again.

Because that is your fault for have bad drivers, bad hardware or a bad console. Clean, fix and give maintence to your hardware before play competitive

If you are having anything resembling lag or connection problems, you should not risk playing Comp.