If Overwatch 2 comes out in 2025+, don't be surprised

Blizzard is gonna be sidetracked with the task of going back to change a bunch of voicelines, sprays, comicbook scans… anything mentioning “McCree” for the sake of pandering.

That equates to scheduling for the actors to come in, managing their schedule, their payment, doing a bunch of retakes, coding in the voicelines, debugging due to the changes in code… basically a bunch of unnecessary labor, money and energy spent that could all be spent just completing Overwatch 2.

This could’ve all been avoided if people realized that it’s just a damn name. Anyone in the world named Jeffrey isn’t due for a name change because Jeffrey Dahmer existed. Hell, there’s an old cowboy-themed arcade game from the 90s called Mad Dog McCree. Just associate his name with that, and be done with it.


Yeah, a name change is gonna delay your precious video game even further. Substantially so.

Do you hear yourself when you think things like this? Do you realize how ludicrous it sounds or do you genuinely lack any perspective at all?


It’s gonna take like a person or two to change his name in medias.

And take like what? A hour of work? A day?

Stop being so dramatic


Doing voice over work takes way longer than a day to do.

I literally gave an explanation as to why it would take long, and you simply reply with “no it doesn’t” without even explaining why.

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I am pretty sure there is a lot more pointless stuff getting on the way that we don’t even know about. At least a name change is something we can actually see.

Also there are higher chances for the game to get canceled than actually waiting till 2025 and not just because of a name change.

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Apparently not:
"Previous comics and books will remain unaltered.

This change will apply to all future content."

This was posted by one of the Overwatch community managers, AndyB, in the official Blizzard thread for the topic (around the 260s comments).

Honestly, that’s going to make it even MORE confusing.

You think that recording a couple voice lines and changing a couple sprays will delay the game for a year or longer? One of the worst takes out there.


And doing voice over work takes zero development time away from OW2 when the voice over people have not even recorded their lines for OW2 (do not worry about this as this is usually the last, or one of the last, things done). So it is taking away time from the voice actors doing other jobs… ya you know absolutely nothing about development whatsoever.

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Yes. You’re naive if you think otherwise.

No, OW2 not in 2025, in 2022.

They’ll do a voice over for ow2 anyway.
Also, they said mcree’s name like once or twice in 5 year.

It doesn’t bother the development that much as you think.

Well if a Blizzard official is saying its extensive work, I’m gonna believe them over you.

Its extensive work because they try to do it while drunk


Hilarious how you people are going to believe this,

But when they say they are working on the game you don’t believe them at all.

Yes. It takes time, but they ain’t delaying ow2 because of a name.
It’s just a character name, not the whole game’s identity

localization is not relevant to OW2 right now, voice lines obviously not relevant to OW2 right now and obviously the same is true for the rest of that list with the sole exception being art assets of which that is a days work for 2-3 designers because they are not redesigning something they are simply editing existing work which is actually a pretty easy job.

If you think this takes time away from OW2 you are delusional. There is no other word for it.


Yeah cuz the audio dudes also do models, concepts,maps , code and what not…

LOL. Stop exaggerating.


it already out relax sir.