If Microsoft buys ABK, is Hero mode back on?

While I don’t play for the PvE, I do enjoy a good PvE game with replayability. Does anyone else feel like MS would invest in Hero mode if the buyout is approved?

Most likely not.

Microsoft just spend millions of dollars to buy activison-blizzard, so I think they rather earn that money back instead of spending more on the games.

Also, blizzard games are just a small bonus for Microsoft. They are mostly interested in call of duty.

Heck, i wouldn’t even be surprised if they stop supporting certain games or cancel them.

PvE is dead.
It has been dead for months.

Just like this company.


That’s not how microsoft works.

No company buys an IP to improve it, they buy it because they think it will make them heaps of easy money.

If they have a competent workforce, that pumps out quality, it’s a convenient coincidence, nothing more.


I mean it depends on what we are talking about. The main PvE campaign will start in August.

As to whether they remake Hero Mode… probably not for awhile if ever. They would need to add development and that plus training means that it would take awhile.

Presumably they could make a bare bones version of it fairly easily but that is hard to say.

Given the agreements made, they don’t seem that interested in CoD. Getting the Blizzard titles onto Game Pass is the true prize. To that end there is a chance they would want some kind of PvE mode for Overwatch so they can put it in Game Pass.

No. It was poorly planned to begin with and Microsoft probably won’t have any saying in the game development for ne next 1-2 years.

Pretty much this.

They have to flush the toilet first.

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