If lgbt topics bother you so much

Ok then how about a charity for gay people being persecuted in the Middle East? Does that fit in your little box? Or does the fact that LGBT people around the world are being killed not matter to you?

I know you’re joking but ugggh this attitude is so annoying to me


Still confused how a lot of homophobic people love to put “A characters sexuality doesn’t matter in a video game” but they felt the need to voice that, meaning to them, it does matter.


You hit the nail on the head.

Its just a bit annoying. The MAIN hero in the game , THE FACE of the game,the cover of the game, the first hero of the game ,is LGBT ,but them people are not happy enough,they want EVEN more. Not being thankful when you already got the best is bad .

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It’s sad that I’ve actually seen many variations of people asking for stuff like this.

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Neither is labeling literally everyone who doesn’t want overly SJW/PC culture stuff shoved into their games as “Homophobes”.

I don’t minf if these things are added to the game, and I really like the idea of adding these things for people who want them, its just the right thing to do. IDK what word I’m looking for but I feel adding these things into the game is just as normal as adding any other sprays if they do it naturally.

I felt Tracers relationship/sexuality was a natural addition to the character for example, same for the Spray of Emily. These things didn’t jump out as wtf to me or anything odd, just… it flowed with the story. It was like, a small part of a larger comic. They presented it as normal, no special treatment, no big plot twist for shock, just normal. This is how it should be.

Its when the request becomes a demand that I find it turns away sympathy, even for people who wouldn’t normally mind this sort of thing.

short of it is broad strokes for everyone sucks. Asking for LGBT stuff doesn’t make you a SJW, nor does not wanting Video games to go the way of Marvel/DC comics make you a homophobe.


the right to discuss and debate

Anytime someone suggests a change to the game it concerns every single person that plays the game.

Many people seem to forget that.


LGBT is not relevant to the game and the threads should be banned.


So finding out that Symmetra and Sombra are actually girlfriends, or Hanzo and Mccree are married to each other, or Mccree being trans, changes the game like Mercy no longer being able to mass rez? Nah. It literally adds to the lore, much like how we know Moira may or may not be involved in torturing Amelie or Gerard and Gabe being good enough friends that Gabe is willing to break international law to avenge him.

Oh. Unless by saying it would affect everyone you mean certain folks would be upset that confirmed lgbt characters would destroy their fantasies about them?

Why? I want to express my opinion that I am not ok with that.
This is a forum about a game not politics.


It adds nothing worth knowing, its like knowing Torb cosplays as a smurf when he’s with his wife. In fact why can’t more characters wear glasses and be bare foot to satisfy my weird fetishes? Because it would stupid and tacky.

Their fantasies and ideas about the characters are not worth less than yours. Its not a moral entitlement to have these characters become heavy handed propaganda pieces.

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Alright, time to flag this op, bad troll tbh try somewhere else and never come back.

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If some select people in lgbt topics bother you so much

Just scroll past and ignore them. Go about your day, mind your own business. Have a coffee. It’s that simple.

Seriously what good does it do you for you to complain about the complainers then make a topic and make incendiary comments, knowing you will neither receive satisfaction from the discussion nor change your opinion.

I assure you, it would be better for everyone, yourself included, if you just ignore posts that you don’t like in the LGBT threads if they upset you that much. That’s the grown up thing to do. Simplying making a topic like this means you’ve already given those posters what they want. Good for you for perpetuating the cycle, hope you’re proud about that.


You think them spending Christmas with their loved ones and reflecting on their friends and enemies is bad lore?

Okay :christmas_tree:


Hi there, homosexual player here.

Please keep your politics out of our game :slight_smile:


Adding heroes to the game or making lgbt events, as requested is adding to the game.

Belive it or not, some people who don’t share your opinions play this game. And they deserve their opinions heard as much as you.


I’m locking this topic as it’s taking a negative turn.

Thank you.