If junkrat gets self damage back

Do you honestly have trouble dealing with Junkrat after he’s received a bunch of nerfs?

His projectiles are smaller than their animation, and he’s got one of the slowest projectiles in the game.

And his pickrate is half what it was when this thread was originally made.

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Yes, that is how that works. It’s exactly how that works. It’s a problem with all 3d engines that deal with physics. Overwatch is not special in this regard.

2 grenades at a minimum to kill a target. Means 200-50=150 effective health. While he might get a kill, his ability to not get killed in return would be 25% less.

Increasing projectile speed at self-damage range wouldn’t do anything since he’s already effectively hitscan at that distance already. So not only would it not make him more deadly, the self damage is a straight nerf, and a significant one.

+50% speed is the same speed as Zarya’s M2. They are fully dodgable at medium and long ranges if you’re not a potato, and they don’t bounce.

Everything in this paragraph is wrong and I explained why in the OP. You propose to make him redundant, but worse than the other heroes that would make him redundant. So please, explain to me how that could possibly be in his favor.

Placement is important. Have you ever actually played an area denial hero before? This is real basic stuff you don’t seem to understand.

He doesn’t deny area with direct hits. He denies them with the explosions you propose cutting by ***66%***.

Just…you’re wrong on every. Single. Point. All of them. You want to turn him into McCree. You want to make him redundant. You want to remove his ability to deny area and claim to be doing the opposite in the same sentence you demonstrate a clear non-comprehension of how area denial actually works.

You must be trolling.

Self damage is what made Junkrat bad. If they return this, it’s literally just a fan service.


The only nerf he has received that has affected him is the slight reduction in the size of his projectile. That in itself does not stop the hero from doing his primary job. His pickrate has plummeted because he’s a victim of the Meta with Hanzo being a must pick, and Zarya being meta because of it. He is not the only person who’s pick rate has been affected, I promise.

The thread is still about Junkrat and self damage regardless of when it was made.

His grenades have less than half the impact area they had before.

How do you call that “slight”?


33% is not half. Getting direct hits with them is supposed to be skillful, and this change still doesn’t affect his ability to spam them and get picks/provide trash damage through chokes. As well, it doesn’t stop him from diving point blank into a squishy and nuking them.

Area of a sphere.

33% reduction in radius translates to 66% reduction of impact registration area.


The cross-section impact area is less than half.

You’ve used Pi R squared before, right?

The game is in 3D. The impact area is a cubic area. Not a cross section.

The server runs calculations at a tick rate. The projectile doesn’t smoothly move across a numerically infinite area over time because we can’t actually simulate that. It actually teleports in small steps that get blended together frame by frame to create the illusion of motion.

The faster an object moves, the farther it teleports between steps.

When the server checks for collision it uses a 3D Tree (usually a type of Oct tree) to check for 3-dimensional area overlap.

So the impact area was, in fact, reduced by 66%. Not by the area of the cross section.


Junkrat doesn’t need buffs. He lobs and spams explosives. Tons of them, and has more mobility than almost any other hero in the game, and has an ultimate that’s almost guaranteed to get at least a single kill, if not an entire team kill.

Junkrat does not need to be buffed, at all.

He’s all about positioning. If there’s a wall (and there’s walls everywhere, on every map, around every corner, next to you and in front of you right now, there are walls) he can stay on one side of it and lob his bouncy explosives around it or over it behind safety, and then launch the ultimate exploding cart of doom guaranteeing kills.

So what you’re saying is that he should be spam rat again? The thing that made him utterly despised by the community?

Yeah, forget that. Give us increased projectile speed or consistent mine falloff.

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When did Junkrat ever stop being “Spamrat”?

*Edited to add: The last update to Junkrat gave him 2 mines, instead of just 1, no? That makes him even spammier. Just fyi.

You can play him as a spammer, I just prefer they don’t turn him into one(Then again, considering how even blizz seems to want him to spam more, the image idea is already down the drain.).

But to heck with that, Junkrat needs a change or buff. So he can be viable again and not the mess he’s in right now.

His last update reduced the impact area of his grenades by 66% and slowed down his riptire.

Before that the added falloff to his mines.

You’re like 3 updates behind.


If they would let him benefit from favor the shooter, a lot of his current problems would go away.

People would immediately start crying about him killing them again, but sometimes it seems like he just shouldn’t be allowed to actually kill people according to the forum community.


yeah okay thank you mr. Technical. I know about those updates but tbh, they’re insignificant. He still plays the same way he ever did. He bounces explosive grenades off walls and spams up the game. That hasn’t changed, he still has 2 mines instead of just 1. He’s still a spammer. His ult was changed from moving what, let’s say before it moved at 15m/sec, now it moves at 14.7m/sec. Whatever. His ultimate is still a guaranteed kill machine.

The impact area nerf was extremely significant and came at a really, really bad time for bug interaction. This last nerf was absolutely savage.


His ult isn’t guarantee, otherwise it would be indestructible and a lot faster.

That you can destroy it, means it ain’t a guarantee.

Well I don’t know what rank you play at, but before I quit playing overwatch a couple-few weeks ago, I was playing in high plat, and the few times that I would pick Junkrat because my team needed a Junkrat, I would completely and utterly destroy the enemy team with it, and usually rack up multiple kills at once. So I had no issues with his ability to devastate with him.

The concept of him getting buffs are just ridiculous to me.

Junk doesn’t need self-damage.

I don’t respect Junk players that hole-up in the large health pack rooms in DM and think spamming the door is ‘skill’ but to be fair most hit-scans can waste him out in the open.

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