I would cautiously expect a PTR patch tonight

today is you day mccreee!


well I am expecting something to happen today…

Even if it’s just a comment from a dev…

(Though the depression train seems to have arrived early.)

(though I think some are doing that on purpose.)

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When will they release the experimental card?

Before the end of Feb?

Like this next patch?

It’ll definitely be this week or next week.

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Maybe they are delaying it because of it, but I wish it were in this next patch.

Idk man.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much, you’re welcome to do so but I highly advise against it.

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Well he did say this:

The question is, does February 20th qualify as ‘end of February’?

What would be the first experiment?
Just balance patches?

Balance changes for sure.

He also hinted at testing out 1-3-2 when it releases.

Famous last words!


Lets start making 132 threads already hahah

Me watching these forums try and predict when the development team is going to do something important.


At least I’ve had somewhat of a good record making predictions.

we love a meme-y moderator UwU

I really hope so, I need something to boost my moral that OWL won’t be two Mei walls every 10 seconds anymore.

With Overwatch 2 coming up, I’m throwing all dates and patterns out the teleporter. Now it’s a free-for-all where patches and updates can happen at anytime.

*Straps a flameproof jacket and holds up a riot shield *
Surely Mei will get a huge buff… :thinking:

…of puns

that’s what i thought, too
after i had just finished literally trolling someone in another post (because they started trolling, so, why not), i got a flag notification:
i was certain it was that post


i was flagged in a completely different topic, and i literally even agree’d with someone in my comment, and proceeded to say i didn’t “fully disagree” with someone else

i’m pretty sure the flagging system is just broken, being abused, or something else altogether right now

not that i want attention to the post/comment, but this was it, for reference i’ll link it

this was the only post i’ve ever gotten flagged, yet i’ve certainly posted some… questionable comments, so… something’s clearly wrong at the moment

(unless i got flagged because i wrote… “big” stuff?? but like, i didn’t even fully spell it out, and there’s… definitely… worse on this forum that goes untouched…???)
Idea for a Sigma buff

If Bap doesn’t give buffs I will lose hope.

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Same dude… if they will try to start hero pools with the actual baptiste it would make me absolutely skeptical and bored about this game and devs with no coming back

55 HPS Bap and Mercy buffs, please. Partially revert his ult charge nerf and gun nerfs. Revert the Zen discord nerf. Then these three healers won’t be the bottom of the barrel supports in GM.