I think we should give this 1-3-2 a shot

Am I willing to give it a try?

Sure. But, it’s going to be an uphill battle because there are issues that even if it comes off as “fun” will still exist. For example, even if it feels more “fun,” there will still be considerably reduced tank diversity and zero ability to create interesting tank pairings. That, to me, is fun, so for that to be worth trading it, the resultant output “fun” would have to be pretty immense. Considering attempts to push OW toward more of an FPS have generally made the game less fun in my view (because, frankly, OW is not a good FPS even down to the core design), I don’t think it’ll happen.

QP Classic is a thing but I getcha.

Everyone tries that trick. We’ll see how it goes when there’s actual testing and stuff, if that even happens.

Of course tank mains are voicing their concerns now, this is the time for that.

Here’s the thing: those degenerates do need to accept 1/3/2 for it to work. If you lose enough tank players, your queue times will stay the same. You prove you’re better than someone by taking the high road. Don’t be known for laughing at tanks, be known for trying to ease their concerns.
Then they will actually listen to you.

Tanks say they hate team dependency right? Right now, tanks are balanced around synergies between each other, talk about how that would finally end.

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Yeah making tank players quit will surely reduce que times

how about adding some freaking heroes to the game instead?!

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That is a really great argument. I am so very convinced, nice job.

You cannot really refute anything I said and if you want another prediction that will end up being correct, bookmark this post and return to observe the glory that is my intelligence. 321 will be implemented for Overwatch 2. There you go, you will see that I am correct later rather than sooner.

this is what i’ve struggled with myself and i get it.

but just look at we have now.

you can’t play zarya without reinhardt and etc.
and as such we don’t have interesting tank pairings, we still have the same old same old, off-tank picks that tank, and so you are forced to pick that specific tank that goes well with that tank.

it’s so frustrating, i would be ok with the current situation if it ment more flexibility in the tank roster where i can pick whatever tank with any other tank.

We gave 1-3-2 a shot. Remeber before role que? Thats why role q was implemented. Because 3 dps comps suck

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Why would I try to convince someone like you? Wasn’t my intention, not that you could tell.

You have provided 0 evidence that was not anecdotal, and therefore anything I say is just as easily say that dps mains are by far the most toxic players in the game (they are in my experience, but I wouldn’t be so delusional as to generalize that to a whole group of people), so there is nothing to refute. And maybe you are right, they have made poor decisions in the past, it wouldn’t be anything new, but you wouldn’t care either way.

tank players are going to quit anyways if this goes on.

no we had “no roleqeue” before roleqeue, remember, when composition slots was a thing and tank synergies just beat out everything eventually until it actually happened where 1-4-1 actually beat goats and then roleqeue happened.

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Not every tank is the same, some tanks have barriers, some don’t. If all tanks end up getting a barrier then maybe it could work

It’s shocking how you people don’t get that before forced 2 2 2 there was no role lock. That’s not the same as 1 3 2. That’s like me saying “we already tried 0 0 6 from before role queue” It’s moronic.

This… isn’t really true IMO. Unless you’re at the really high tiers of play, you can do a lot of different tank pairs that work reasonably well. About the only thing that’s bad at any rank is Hog + DVa. Most of the rest of the time, you can make it work. Picking a Reinhardt doesn’t require a Zarya in QP or in Gold, for example. A lot of the time, a Roadhog or Sigma or Orisa or even Hammond is as good or better.

exactly because a forced 1-3-2 is not the same as free compositions, because free compositions have no limit to what they can do to beat a 1-3-2 composition.

reasonably well, not the best.
which is the crux of the situation, even the lowest of low tier players scream for the best possible synergy between tanks and thus people don’t want to play tank because of it because they feel forced to do it or else they are putting their team at a disadvantage.

I’m willing to give it a try… I just want the stability of role queue, like if i choose to wait I can actually (and poorly) dps. That i will actually have a healer (though i prefer 2 so they can keep each other up).

But it is understandable that many of us are hating the thought of solo tanking again.

I know it is a meme, but you have no idea how many times I have been like, “hey guys I don’t mind solo shielding, but could someone consider healing me”, not aggro or anything even close and been met with the stupidity of pre role queue…

This could really be used in every direction on the subject.

Seraph, I absolutely adore you even though we have very contrary ideas, don’t be afraid to throw it back, I have been against very specific doom mains for basically the same thing and it’s the only way they will even consider that they might have to re-evaluate a part of their opinion.

agreed, but the devs can be pretty slow and that sometimes validates peoples opinions.

A compromise between whom and what? What are people who love to play Off-Tank or hate Solo Tanking are gaining from 1/3/2?

Everyone who played Tank before Role Q was implemented already has done enough “testing” to have a valid opinion on 1/3/2.

Also people are not “crying”. Jeff literally asked for our feedback on this idea:

So when do you expect people to make their voices heard?
After the change hits the PTR and is thereby basically confirmed to make it on live servers no matter what?

And what exactly makes you the bigger person here?
You don’t care about the concerns of Tank players, so you probably also wouldn’t care about them leaving - if it weren’t for your DPS Q times that is :roll_eyes:

Less people watching and playing is a fate that comes upon all games - sooner or later. Though I am pretty confident that it will rather be later than sooner for Overwatch. It will get a major “expansion” soon and that will bring not only new players, but also make some people return who have left.

Instead of trying to reduce Queue times by changing the Tank Role beyond recognition just for the sake of needing less of them, it would be good advice to entice the new and returning players to give the Tank role a shot.

Release new Tanks to equalize the Hero rosters, ask Tank players who stopped playing what would make them come back, listen to the concerns of the Tank players who are still here.

Insulting and belittling people won’t change anyone’s mind and I am pretty certain you can do better than that.

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Pretty much, I am not even sure what we are disagreeing on to be honest. I was mostly talking about here on the forums. You can look it up if you want. I am too lazy to remember the dates, even. But the response to the possibility of 321 is definitevley more… Pronounced?

You can verify it without needing to convince me or whatever and yes, obviously the made mistakes. Rofl.

and they will get quickly turned off by it, “because it’s not for them”
why isn’t it for them though? that’s the billion dollar question.

Here is a problem: if 3-2-1 is enforced by role, most likely tanks will take the short end of the stick and solo tank. But with the barrier nerf and off-tanks being a thing, most tanks are NOT suited for solo-tanking, and since they are the easiest targets to focus, they will be nothing but punching bags throughout the whole match. Which means Blizzard will have to buff them again, either by reversing the barrier nerf or overcharging their kits to further improve a barrier-less survivability.

Considering some DPSs are still too powerful and Blizzard REFUSES to acknowledge the power creep and overall state of DPSs like Hanzo and Reaper, the last thing we need is more damage to a tank alone.

If 3-2-1 is NOT role-enforced, it’s still OBVIOUS tanks will be 90% pf the time running solo, and if Blizzard still buffs the tanks, then people will go for 3 tanks, 2 healers, 1 DPS, and Bibbidi Bobbidy BOO we have GOATS: The Return! with some DPS like Reaper and Doomfist to aid the tanks. Or worse, solo healer, with 5 idiots screaming at you for not being able to heal twice what you were designed to.

I don’t think 1-3-2 would solve all the issues.

Even if having 3 DPS slots would reduce waiting times, people will STILL get pissed at the tanks.

If the one tank your team has chosen a non-shield tank, you know the DPS players are going to whine and complain about having no shield and even threatening to report said player for sabotage. In their mind, no tank = instant loss.

Then we’re right back to square one again. Howling because people aren’t choosing the ‘right’ tank.

1-3-2 means no non-shield tank would ever be played. People would scream at you if you wanted to play D.Va.

1-3-2 means that non-shield tanks are either reworked into main tanks or reworked into DPS. They wouldn’t just leave off tanks as they are.