I think I disagree with the balance philosophy

So, I’m not a game designer, I’m only a gold player, and I’m also a pretty dumb person, so take what I say with a grain of salt.
So onto my point which I’ve given you no good reason to read.

See, to my understanding, jeff “the chef” And Geoff “The cheof” are of the opinion that it’s better to make characters stronger in their respective strengths than to get rid of the weaknesses. This makes sense, I mean, weaknesses are necessary. You balance strengths and weaknesses, that’s no problem.

However, this philosophy seems flawed to me. For one, You need to take it into account with what other characters already can do. My good buddy really enjoys playing mcree, but We’re on console and in gold, so, no matter how good he does, he feels discouraged because it feels like soldier would just have done the job better.

My second point is that, in a lot of ways, that’s how you make a character oppressive. I’m a sombra main, but the sombra rework is a good example of this. She had bad damage, bad spread, and had delays all over her kit, not to mention that she is the most talkative stealth character ever. When they reworked her, they made her spread better, which was good, but they also increased her hack speed of all things. And what happened? People were upset and felt oppressed. And then they put los checks in place so now only the sombra players feel oppressed and she’s basically in the same place she was, except for in owl, like that matters.

Tl;dr Not all weaknesses are created equal and when there’s a clear imbalance between one character and another, that’s an issue to me.
Thank you for reading!

P.s. Very excited about Ana changes!

That is on him though. McCree is hard, but picked higher than s76 at higher ranks for a reason.

Mostly 70% final blows… 70% of the time, if McCree damages someone and they die soon after, it is to the hand of the McCree…

He finishes what he starts.

I agree to an extent. I think context should be taken into consideration when buffing or nerfing heroes, not just whether or not the utility they bring could be stronger or weaker.

If the hero’s useless because they don’t offer anything particularly useful, then sure, buff them to make them stronger. That was the case with Mei, and it’s worked out fairly well so far. If a hero is useless because they’re being countered all to hell, it’s not going to make a difference whether or not their utility is any stronger because they’re still being countered all to hell, which is what we saw with Torbjorn’s buff: Useless before, changed how he generates scrap… still useless because it addressed exactly zero of the reasons why he was weak.