I still think Genji is the most fair hero

I never understood why Genji gets so much hate. He has no one shots mechanics. As a flanker his burst doesn’t feel as insane as Tracer one clipping you. And he can be countered. If Genji is giving you so much trouble nothing is stopping you from swapping to a beam hero. If you’re support you can always go brig or Moira.

I do think he needs a buff. It’s just for the effort it takes to play him there’s isn’t much reason to just play someone else. What do you think? Would you be ok with his dmg buffed to 28? Or would his ammo going back to 30 feel more fair? I don’t think he should get both. Just one of the other.

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Eh, one dude pulled off the headshot dash nonsense on me. That being said, it is outrageously hard to do, so I will just take the L on that one.

Deflect is corny as hell. That is probably where most of the hate comes from. Get rid of that and even I would admit that Genji mains are the superior life form. But as long as it carries them, nah. I have more respect for Symmetra.

I will just add if you die to a hanzo in a close range or .I’d range duel it’s skill not luck

And completely fair.

If you die a in achoke to hanzo your just not aware

The hate comes from the fact when a stereotypical Genji main complains that he is the weakest hero because he only got 4/5 kills when Nano-blading since the surviving enemy had an ability to avoid getting killed or if the Genji gets countered (something that happens to all heroes) because that Genji overestimated their abilities.

I agree, both him and Tracer feel very fair IMO, compared to Sombra who is weaker but feels completely unfair to play against as a back line flank role.

I think the ammo reduction nerf was complete overkill IMO, people don’t really understand why Genji was actually OP during season 1 and that’s because of the DPS speed buff on kill passive. It allowed Genji and Reaper in particular to completely snowball the opposition if they were played by a skilled player.

I’d say for damage give him the tracer treatment and find a middle ground between the nerfed damage and “OP damage”.

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I think that’s fair. 29 dmg was kind of a lot. 27 feels like too little. 28 should be just right.

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