I miss the dislike button

All the other Blizzard forums still have the old forum where dislike button exists.

Are peoples feelings really so delicate here, they had to get removed?


Anything to make these forums SOMEWHAT less toxic.


What value does the word toxic even hold anymore?

Any sort of criticism or even the tiniest hint of negativity is flagged as toxic by the community here lol.


I’d rather have people articulate an opinion I disagree with than mass downvoting a post.


True. But I mean I can kinda see why they removed that.

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your not going to read the disagreement anyways.

noone does but people see the net reaction

Yes, my fragile heart cannot handle a dislike from a stranger I have never met. I must ask though. Instead of pressing a button and moving on are you so upset over something because now you have to address why you dislike something?

It’s almost like this a forum for discussion and you don’t seem to really want that. People with unpopular opinions can be downvoted to hell to where their post isn’t able to be seen unless you click it. Unpopular opinions shouldn’t be hidden from sight requiring you to click “Show Post” to see it.


I agree with ant, it is more so that you have to actually discuss with the person you disagree with or whatever. The dislike button was just lazy and contributed nothing. It has nothing to do with feelings unless the developers were salty when they were mass down-voted, lul.


Well back on the old forum I gave an opinion if the thread or post seemed genuine.

I just liked using the dislike button for any thread or post that didn’t really need a reply to justify a dislike, like troll posts and stuff.

Iirc you couldn’t vote dev posts on old forum.


Trolls fed off of dislikes just as much as replies. Even you disliking it shows that they are getting to someone.

you can write… “i disagree…” and explain your reasoning’s… or “i don’t like that…”

Flag option is the new downvote button. So it’s technically not gone.

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Ha! As if downvotes would reduce that.

Onyl thing that’ll change that is better moderation.

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We kind of did it to ourselves.

We as a community apparently aren’t mature enough to be able to handle having a dislike button. Which is very telling.

I don’t really see how maturity comes into context with a dislike button.

You click dislike when you don’t like or disagree with the post.

Although I do remember every “nerf Mercy” thread was mass disliked and hidden by the Mercy mains every time one got made. Even if it had a good argument or suggestion inside.

Indeed… Why I barely even use likes… Forums are for discussions, even the “upvotes” etc take away from the discussion.
There are threads being made with pretty much one goal, like fishing. Just find a popular opinion > make a thread praising/following said opinion > rake in the likes.

If I feel like there’s nothing really to add or I can’t be bothered getting into something but agree with a post, that’s when I like.

Because while it helped get rid of “bad threads” it also allowed people to mass-downvote threads simply because it was posted by someone everyone in the community generally didn’t like - whether their opinions were valid or not. It also promoted lots of “sheep” or “bandwagon” behavior. If a few trolls disliked something, no matter what that thread was about, chances were that it got mass-downvoted.

People doing those “drive-by downvotes” also didn’t help much. I will say, after the downvotes were removed I read a LOT more now than I did before instead of just coming in and dismissing it due to the mass amount of dislikes. Which I guess is pretty good.

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Nah it creates echo chambers and mob mentality. I’ve seen countless posts by reasonable authors who get downvoted to oblivion because the topic was unpopular.

For example…when people used to say scatter shot was op, or when people said that Sym needed changes. Those things later became removed or changed anyway, but the authors were downvoted to infinity. It’s not ok .


It’s not that the people who got disliked were delicate, it’s that people dislike everything because they’re delicate. I’ve seen lots of comments who are just giving straight up facts, including my own get multiple dislikes because people didn’t like that fact.

I even wrote a lengthy post that took, even me a fast reader, at least 30-40s to read, and it had 2 dislikes when I refreshed the page 10s after making the thread.


Removing dislike made sense on paper. Remove disgruntled players by forcing everyone to form discussions around what they say, right or wrong.

However it kinda backfired and sparked multiple argument threads where it devolves into an utter mess.

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