I keep getting disconnected from games

So I’m at college and me and my friends all like playing Overwatch together, however I keep disconnecting in the middle of games, sometimes it isn’t bad at all but most of the time Ill go many games in a row without being able to play the full match. Its gotten so bad that I got a EXP penalty for “leaving games” despite it not even being my fault and its just so frustrating could anyone give me advice on what to do in this situation? I feel like it could be my Wi-Fi but the Wi-Fi doesn’t ever cut out when I’m working on school work. I would appreciate it if you guys could help me.

If you are playing on a shared network like in a dorm hall, it is not uncommon to be constantly be dropping your connection. This is because dozens of users will consume the available bandwidth in that local area network. When you say “school work,” I trust you mean things like web browsing, checking email, uploading or downloading files, or streaming a video. None of those task require the same constant connection as that of a online video game, so its not a good comparison to identify issues. Finally, some school networks may cut the connection if it the activity is not permitted by the school administration.

You can refer to this guide for some steps you might be able to take, but I am willing to bet that if you don’t manage the network you connect to, there will be very little that you can do.


Thank you, I really appreciate the response. It sucks that there isnt much I can do about it but Im glad to know whats causing the problem at least, I guess Ill just have to deal with it while Im at college. Thanks again.

I am having this same issue but I have a constant connection and I am at home. I dont have any internet, ping, or disconnections problems with any other game. Only overwatch I disconnect in, and it is consistently disconnecting every since I got the game. Ive tried everything in your forums and have asked for support but nobody responds. Can i have help?