I have had it with the late responses

There is no excuse for the poor response effort anymore.

I have stomached the DDoS attacks and the extremely long queues. But I find it extremely difficult to endure literally half of hero selection being locked for all modes for multiple hours with zero response from the development team or official Blizzard sources.

On top of this, I and thousands of others were booted from their competitive matches with no warning to finally repair this issue at 10:15ish CST. I understand that intense debugging and balancing of Bastion and Torb is necessary, but to simultaneously cause an even larger issue and do nothing to repair or acknowledge it in a timely manner is unacceptable. Now we must all sit and wait an hour during a very popular hour of the night while the developers hotfix this ridiculous problem.

Overwatch 2 is very good. It is a shame that so many odd bugs have occured to a development team that has done a very good thing for our community. But this belated, almost nonchalant incident response on a consistent basis has got to stop. You cannot expect critical users to shrug at careless response ethics time and time again.

Please, Overwatch development team, use digital communication. It is your friend. Stop attempting to diagnose the cause of an issue before acknowledging to the community that you are actively working to repair it.


Don’t be so angry. Don’t you know 8 pm is nap time at Blizzard offices? Should really be more sensitive next time you complain. They don’t have to apologize for anything.


And yet they can tweet about it but not post it on their official forums?

There’s no excuse.

They post updates on tweeter or in the bug report session


You obviously didn’t play wow in ‘04 lol the servers were down more than they were up.

Overwatch has been smooth compared to that buggy sh*tshow back then.