I have a suggestion for Overwatch 2

Placards currently have no Zing or Coolness because of the fade and look (sorry to use harsh terms) Pathetic. When you add them you can barely see them in the top right or when entering a game. I get this is so the name and Title remain Visible but you could also add a feature where your name and title colors could be changed. Its like the placard right now are consolation prizes or just filler prizes and have no value to me as a player. ALSO when in Social when I just look at my own profile and its plastered at the top of the screen it would at least have a time to shine but alas the colors of the placard or muted. BTW I wrote suggestion like this because I think most Player actual feel the same way about this and I am just trying to convey perception. OTHERWISE. LOVE THE GAME GUYS!!! Its the little stuff that really makes things great!!!

Wrong forum section. This category is related to workshop, not in game UI. Use General Discussion instead.