I got kicked in the middle of a comp game and got suspended?

Hi everyone.

I was in the middle of a comp game when I got booted off the game. I thought my internet connection dropped cause Overwatch was failing authentication but once it rebooted it said I got suspended from competitive for 10 minutes.

Has anyone had this issue? Am I going to lose SR for something that was out of my control?

Happened to me and yes you will lose your SR.

Yes, you will lose your sr. But the servers are bad right now, and they’ve already warned everyone about it. You shouldn’t play comp rn, because believe me friend they don’t do sr refunds

My disconnect the other day was 100%server side. I was upset but I just haven’t played any comp since I heard that it’s probably a bug.

Luckily there are the love things right now to do and they are fun, the challenge modes feel crazy hard though.

There is currently a DDoS attack affecting certain network providers. Blizzard is monitoring the situation and working those providers to stop the attack as quickly as possible.

Please avoid Competitive Play at this time. Blizzard Customer Service cannot remove penalties or restore lost SR. (Click here for more info).


Thank you for the replies everyone! Guess I’m avoiding comp for a while. I hope everything gets resolved soon. :frowning:

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I have doubts on that report. We should be seeing all sorts of nation wide issues across all internet services on the WAN; not just with Blizzard’s services. Furthermore, if we are talking about providers being attacked, they hire the best of the best of whom really should know how to mitigate a DDoS attack.

I think the issue is indirectly related to the coronavirus. More people are staying home and doing leisurely activities in the house, which include playing games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch. I think these server issues have been reported for a few days now, which definitely should’ve been taken care of if it truly was a DDoS attack…

Realistically it doesn’t do us players any good to spectulate on the issue. I assure you that Blizzard works as fast as possible. For example, there was a similar DDoS last night and you can see in this graph the impact of the attack hitting the Chicago area (where one of Blizzard’s Datacenters are located)

Lol network providers, funny how my family is all at home. Not one single app or device has any issues and its only blizzards battlenet. My cousins with comcast have no issues on anything but guess again battlenet.

There has been no reports on the news from big network companies that ive found yet. My bro in law works for comcast and everything is good on their end aswell.

Blizz always blames everyone but themselves.

This is because the attack is more closer to the end of Blizzard’s services than anything else. Most other services will work normally of course because they take a different connection route outside of your local ISP to reach each different service.

As an example two days ago Xbox Live was disrupted for a similar issue, yesterday Nintendo Network.

So then they should say battlenet is being targeted, not network providers lol.

Just sayin i have an inside man for atleast one of the said”networks” and they have zero attacks as told and speculated.

Regardless of difference of opinions thanks for the updates. Keep us all posted as whatever is going on is ruining alot of folks nights.

Blizzard has their own network providers. If there was an attack on certain ISPs there would be a lot more world coverage (if a lot of ISPs were being hit) on the matter or would not be noticed by a majority of our community. All in all its complicated and while the wording could be debated, the point of the matter is that what we need to know is just to sit and wait it out. Try playing non-Competitive modes if you are wanting to try to get back in of course.

I myself am going to take a break from monitoring since I am not seeing any new updates. Please continue to follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for updates, or watch for news on the Blizzard support site.

Hi WyomingMyst, I greatly appreciate your sincerity and citations in this thread (as it’s quite a rare thing to read on the internet these days) and I’m not trying to sound rude, but I don’t believe you can comment on the efficiency of the company’s disaster recovery plan or the IT employees’ skills. I’m sorry if that comes across as an insult, but I say it because I’m aware you’re not an employee of the company and don’t know their internal operations.

I think it is possible that a particular hop is being targeted by a DDoS attack, which just so happens to be a hop that Blizzard’s services commonly use, or it’s some other 3rd party entity that’s being attacked and Blizzard just so happens to be caught up in the mess. There is almost always a malicious intention behind DDoS attacks, and attacks on Xbox Live for instance have been done as a protest or as an easy way to gain notoriety.

You’re right though, we’re just speculating at what may or may not be the situation, and if I’m being honest, it’s best if the company stays mum on the details as disclosing them would create a huge security vulnerability. Above, I posted a link to a forum post where I show a video of 6 players being disconnected from a Competitive Match at the same time. I honestly don’t think a prolonged attack on a data center (which generally holds offsite backups of sensitive data) would cause immediate disconnects in a comp match for multiple players around the United States. We all had low latency in the match, with my connection being the usual 50-60 ms, and just out of the blue BAM “Lost Connection to Server.” All I had to do was restart the application in order to go back into the match, but two players on the enemy team didn’t rejoin after we all got D/C’d.

Edit: Video of the match I reference below…