I got disconnected from the server (Not my network's fault) and lost 100 sr with ban

It’s funny because blizzard’s reason on giving penalty to players who left because of technical problems is because it becomes 5 vs 6. I got disconnected before the game even started (when we found a match) and the match didn’t happen at all and still got huge panalty. Thank you Overwatch team for providing such experience to your players whos willing to spend money and time into your game.

its only ever 50 sr for a disconnect no need to over exagerrate for the post. but if someone leaves before or in spawn room the game cancels and the player is punished

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The technical support forums are managed by the technical support team who assist with troubleshooting technical issues. We’ve gone through this in more details on our stance regarding leaver penalties here:

We are happy to assist with technical issues, but for feedback and suggestions, the #general-discussion is the appropriate place to voice your concerns to the team who can make changes to the game and the system.