I dont think 5v5 will solve Overwatch’s issues

1 less tank will make certain heroes be viable to play and it create less visual clutter on the battlefield ( something which i have despised for so long, im happy they addressed it), but there will still be problematic strats and abilities that make overwatch a subjectively annoying experience.

You think doomfist with bubble is annoying? Try 2 bubbles on doomfist. Or 2 bubbles on nanoed blade. There will still be problematic things in the game that will still make me hate this game, 5v5 is i think a helpful step but i hope theres more

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we don’t know what 99% of characters will be like in that environment

why does everyone on this godforsaken forum think they’re just gonna delete a tank slot, give Rein another firestrike and call it a day

but yes double bubble zarya would suck.

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because that’s pretty much what they’ve shown from rein in his current 5v5 state maybe


A solo-tank Zarya using all her bubbles on someone would likely leave the rest of her team defenceless. The team would be heavily reliant on them getting an early pick or two, otherwise they’d lose.

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We most likely will get 4 more heroes on launch day, so the game will be very different. They have also talked about removing some cc from dps heroes, so we have no idea what doomfist will be in OW2, when it will launch from 5-30 years from this day.

5vs5 will be fun and fresh, I think I’ll love the individual carrying potential on all roles, not just tanks.

If someone is double bubbled im pretty sure they can secure 1 pick. But the issue isnt only zarya or doomfist. Its abilities/strats which will continue to make overwatch frustrating.

I really don’t know why two fire strikes and a easier to control Rein is supposed to good for Reinhardt at all. Firestrike makes him vulnerable, and inting with charge has been a Rein killer since launch. Why make it easier for him to die like this?


Realistically, they are going to need to nerf mobility heroes directly.

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Should they? Yes absolutely.

Will they? That’s the interesting part…

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Sure sounds to me like direct nerfs are coming.

Maybe they learned something from the Brig fiasco about just nerfing the mobility heroes, instead of using problematic counters.

What do you mean by this specifically?

They are strong because of their damage. You cannot nerf doomfist’s mobility without making a ton of otps mad.

Nobody talks about how good tracers damage is. If you nerf doomfists shields he becomes more manageable, but nerfing his shields will have to lead to a tracer and reaper damage nerf because they will insta-delete him. Torb turret might have to be nerfed. I think doom with less shields and less punch damage will be fine in overwatch 2. Also, pharah/echo mercy those are totally fine amirite? The issue isnt just doom or tracer.

It will help with a few issues, but will bring a batch of new ones. Based on what’s been shown and discussed, I’m not hopeful the dev team have considered some of them. Still time though. They’re pretty early in the development cycle for PvP.

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So just nerf the survival on all mobility heroes.

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Not only it s bad for the tank players but it will totally mess up the already bad balance and the new metas are going to be even more stale.


And tank balance is still a huge concern

It’s actually pretty straightforward, except for Hammond.

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

Obviously 5v5 won’t fix our issues because the main issue with Overwatch is that we don’t have developers who know what the problems are and have the ability to fix them.