I don't like what's been happening lately

what does that mean?



never seen that movie

Very serious, unlike all the newest movement joke posts…

I haven’t seen anyone be malicious, it seems more like they’re running with the joke with no ill intent. I personally find it cute.


I like the ring of my movement. And I’ve been advocating Reaper changes for a long time. Is it because he’s not a support hero that you think I take your movement as a joke? I use humor in a lot of my posts, but I don’t take your Mercy / Brig movements as a joke.

Maybe you need to take a step back and rethink who’s actually mocking you and who’s attempting to actually help out their character. You made a post on my thread accusing me of making a joke, but I’m probably one of the most active Reaper advocates.
(Here’s my Reaper rework thread if you think me bringing attention to Reaper mains is just a joke – (71 likes) Why Reaper s̶u̶c̶k̶s̶ and what he needs - K he still sucks 12/18/2018)

Good luck in your adventures.

Founder of the Reaper Ripperoni Pepperoni Movement :pizza::skull:


I just want Mei butt pillows ;_;

I guess its not really malicious, but its definitely like that old post about mercy (it was like “and the worse part about maining mercy” or smthg like that I don’t remember) and how people memed it

also ms.aria (?? aria, ms rose… heck idk) I saw your most recent video - it was very good!

the Brigitte spaghetti movement forever
signed - Idocrase

Eh. I just want the forums to go back to revert mercy threads. I just view all the movements that have been created as “let’s make this a meme hurrdurr” the only movements I like are the mercy Ice Cream Movement and the Zenyatta Doughnut Movement (and I’m growing on the reaper ripperoni pepperoni pizza movement)

Sorry. Seeing ripperoni in the movement name made me think you were going with the other movement name themes like the “reveal the rightie movement”. I don’t understand when things are memes and when things aren’t. I’m sorry


When you’ve been playing the DPS guy with a stale kit for 2 years, begging them to change the worst movement ability in the game, sometimes you got to go with a little humor so you don’t spend the rest of your days bitter.

Everyone has a different way to approach things. Try to take the new threads as an opportunity to plug in your movement. You can even link your Brigitte Spaghetti movement on either of my threads, I don’t mind.

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you seem like a cool dood

i support your movement too


Yeah. Just I was getting so scared that those threads that were jokes were gonna make the Brigitte Spaghetti Movement a joke. So I had to make a thread saying I do not support the joke movements. Or threads telling others to “make your own movement”


I’ve updated my Ripperoni Thread so it doesn’t come off as just a joke, gave your movement a shoutout as well. Hope you feel better dude! :heart:

Founder of the Reaper Ripperoni Pepperoni Movement :pizza::skull:

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I’m just not a fan of a lot of them because it’s spamming the forums.

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Memes are memes. They’re constantly spreading and evolving.

Look at Pepe, for example. The artist who drew the original Pepe cartoons has no control over Pepe’s usage today, and some even claim that Pepe is a symbol for hate. It’s like a game of telephone, where things tend to get distorted along the way.

In the end, I think memes are a mirror. Some people might connect with the wholesome/positive values preached by the Brigitte Spaghetti Movement, while others will just make a joke because it’s the meme of the moment.

I wouldn’t take any of this to heart, though.

Those are some big facts.

This is always what happens with Spaghetti Code.

These new movement threads (including mine) will likely die down within the day. I think everyone lowkey enjoys the cutesy idea behind it. Even though I’m serious about Reaper getting some love, truthfully I hope my in-depth rework thread will keep seeing some light versus my movement thread. it was also not my intention to spam forums. I’ll still keep the signature for awhile because I like the ring to it, and I love pizza. I bet Reaper does too.


Founder of the Reaper Ripperoni Pepperoni Movement :pizza::skull:

My thread was not intended to cause mass movement creation.

“Efi will not be happy about this”