I don't have words to Halo Forge

Bro look how many things i can create using Halo Forge… Why blizzard and OW2 devs don’t use this? This is the best tool.

Create maps, modes, add interaction with existing objects, add AI spawners, customize AI logic. Modify HUD, literally change everything.

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they dont use this because they dont care enough to rebuild the entire workshop system we already have, they dont even care enough to make sure there is no obvious bugs with workshop related data/actions for new heros.

the workshop was never something the people in charge asked for it, it was just a side project of a few dev’s and it’ll always be that way. No matter how much people ask for improvements.
(me included, would love AI navigation for my Many AI Related Codes)

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I’m not even talking about rewrite entire workshop. But how many customizable features in halo forge. Add bot with IA that don’t consume proper player slot, you can place/remove/move/script objects, add geometry objects (BSP), add builtin game assets, terrain.

This would be interesting to modify workshop island, expanse and chamber maps.

Also this node graph based is already in overwatch. Its called Statescript, they use in TED (content manager & map editor for overwatch)

i feel like they would need to redo the workshop in order to support some of these features though.

(I never saw the stream the community made a map, so idk how that looked)
map maker for example, you would need to be in-game in order to see what your doing and in the workshop’s current state you cant even edit the scripts while the map is loaded. (well yes you can technically, but it wont update)

Also last time I checked ‘Create Projectile’ the latest feature of the workshop has had a Bug since release that’s still an issue, where the radius would be used as a damage multiplier still when its an AOE projectile.

I would love the ability for custom maps, AI Pathing Support, Bug Fix’s, etc… but I got to ground myself to the reality of the situation, that is blizzard just doesn’t care about the workshop, at least not since OW2.

that’s why I started learning unity a few months ago, and abandoned the last year and a bit. Of Codes I’ve made on workshop.codes / stopped uploading stuff.

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