I don’t care about the sr loss but

I lost endorsement level 2! Do you know how much grinding I had to do and how nice I had to be to my teammates? I’m trying to climb and get level 5, the server issue from last night kicked me from a comp game and as soon as I joined back the first thing I noticed was was my many hours of hard work thrown away. I am devastated from this.

Part of the endorsement is based on a player’s ability to not leave games (including disconnections). Now while the issues last night were a massive issue that impacted our community overall, it still comes down to the same policies that Blizzard holds when dealing with these issues which you can read about here:

The good news is that you can earn it back, yes its a fall back on an overall goal, but you can earn it back.

:spider_web: You shouldn’t HAVE to be nice to your teammates. If you’re only being nice for a (pretty pointless) golden star number, you’re not doing it right. As many threads before have pointed out, people can tell the difference between begging for endorsements and just being genuinely nice.

As the above said, you can earn it back if you so choose. Though, personally, I would take a step back and try and reevaluate your own motivations for this and just what exactly being genuinely cooperative and positive with your team means to you before jumping back in.

Thank you for the criticism, of course I’m gonna hop back into comp. I have a goal in mind and that goal is endorsement level 5. Probably the greatest thing to achieve in Overwatch. And I believe that I am hard working, determined and willing to be the greatest thing to ever happen to my teammates games through sheer kindness and charisma in order to get endorsed. I thank you again good sir/madam and Godspeed.